Weekly Winners LXXVI

David Si Jadi :: David EatsVictory for David

Oldest and Youngest Females of Our Family

Dedo and His Stuff

Reading Davey's Books

My Mom and Her Friend

A Fixture of My Childhood

Have a Seat

5/02: Mishi in PJ's Skinny Mirror

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11 Responses to “Weekly Winners LXXVI”
  1. 05.03.2009

    Love the feelings portrayed in your photos! The second one is too cute!

  2. 05.03.2009

    that second one is one for the memory books!

  3. I always adore your photos!!

    I really think the first one (eating a moonpie?) is absolutely adorable!!

    I think my favorite has to be the generational photo! It is absolutely beautiful.

  4. 05.04.2009

    your portraits get more stunning every week.


  5. 05.04.2009

    You would be amazing at film photography. You may never go back once you see amazing pictures like these developed in film. Oh look, you have the frame lines on the side here on this, you must have a secret desire……..

  6. 05.04.2009

    Wonderful photos! I love victory for Daddy & the crystals

  7. 05.04.2009

    That first shot is so adorable. I love ‘the oldest/youngest’ ~ priceless. Both are so beautiful.

  8. 05.05.2009

    I love the old man in the garage..and the first one is so cute…is that a scooter pie he’s eating? I haven’t seen one of those in years.

  9. 05.05.2009

    Mish..I love that photo of you.. it is beautiful..

  10. PJ

    I remember your whole rave going on when that last picture was taken on Saturday night. Hehe I need to buy you one of those mirrors when I come to visit…

  11. 05.06.2009

    PJ: I thought I looked so hot, in that mirror, that I wanted to have sex with myself. For serious.

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