Weekly Winners {The Baby It’s Cold Outside Edition}

“He who sits by the fire, thankless for the fire, is just as if he had no fire.  Nothing is possessed save in appreciation, of which thankfulness is the indispensable ingredient.” —W.J. Cameron

Out of Focus Haze

Old Friends

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11 Responses to “Weekly Winners {The Baby It’s Cold Outside Edition}”
  1. 12.05.2010

    Such gorgeous shots, as always!

  2. 12.05.2010

    I love the whole series…but my favorites are the last few shots….the progression from woodpile to fire. Almost makes me feel all warm and cozy :D

  3. 12.05.2010

    I’m lovin’ the footie pjs.

  4. 12.05.2010

    that first one is so beautiful, and your doggie shot…so sweet.

  5. 12.05.2010

    Love the texture on the wood and the footie pajamas

  6. 12.05.2010

    i love how this series warmed up as it went. and the twisty green around the tree twigs is especially lovely.

  7. 12.05.2010

    I *LOVE* how you caught that!

  8. 12.06.2010

    I ADORE the photo of the two girls together.

    All great shots!

  9. 12.06.2010

    pretty outdoorsy shots. I love the fire after it. Nice cozy feeling just looking at them.

  10. Terrie

    the cold is seeping through my computer screen. love the pjs!

  11. 12.09.2010

    My gosh. I thought I loved the wood photos and then I came to the fireplace photo. It’s awesome.

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