Weekly Winners {Around the House Edition}



Sunshine Eyes

Lickin' da Chops

Hiding From the Noise

Davey Art

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25 Responses to “Weekly Winners {Around the House Edition}”
  1. 08.30.2009

    Is your dog giving you attitude about taking a photo? Love that expression.

  2. 08.30.2009

    I dunno, T, but it’s so funny!! She’s definitely a secondborn.. LOL

  3. 08.30.2009

    I love the angles and effects of these!

  4. 08.30.2009

    Beautiful pics!

  5. They’re all great! Love the little one with the skate board.

  6. I love, love, love the hands on the skateboard! That’s my favorite, it says so much! xoxo

  7. Gattina

    beautiful pictures !

  8. 08.30.2009

    PMSL at the dog with the cushion!! Love them all :)

  9. 08.30.2009

    That first one is superb. I love how I had to look at it for a short while before I could tell what it was exactly. Those are some of my favorite types of photos. And the one of the dog under the pillow reminds me of my Wendell who hides under blankets!

  10. 08.30.2009

    Nice work, as always. The skateboard and the dog steal my heart away!

  11. 08.30.2009

    I love the dog under the pillow – that is so cute!

  12. 08.30.2009

    I want to live at your house.

  13. 08.30.2009

    I love these!! The leaves in the bowl are AWESOME!


  14. 08.30.2009

    Of course I love all your photos! That first one reminds me of a trip I took to the park this week where the dew on the grass was sparkling in the sun and it looked like the field was sprinkled with diamonds. So amazing. Nature is divine.

  15. 08.30.2009

    Hey, I have that same pillow (the one on top of the dog!)

    Good taste and good photos!

  16. 08.30.2009

    What beautiful pics!

  17. Love those little hands!! And or course the dog is pretty funny-that face!

  18. 08.31.2009

    The skateboard one is so cool…love it!

  19. 08.31.2009

    Seeing your photography makes me realize what a crappy photographer I am. I aspire to be more like you!

  20. 08.31.2009

    Love the skateboard one!

  21. How do you do it? how do you inspire me even on my hardest days?
    Thank you!

  22. 09.01.2009

    I have to say that I love the first and last pictures. The first reminds me of some pictures that I have from the 70’s…takes me back! I love the textures from the last one…great shots as always!

  23. 09.01.2009

    I just looked at all the photos with my daughter and she loved them! Her favorites were the dog with pillow and the skateboard.

  24. 09.01.2009

    Love the effect of the first one. The dog under the cushion is hilarious.

  25. 09.02.2009

    Great shots. The dog under the pillow is too funny!

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