Weekly Winners {Asheville Photowalk Edition}

Next to New Orleans it's my Fave City!

Chai Pani was the BOMB!

He Knows His City Rocks

Too White

Sepia In Real Life

Dream to Play Here

The Music of AVL

Love the Whimsy

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20 Responses to “Weekly Winners {Asheville Photowalk Edition}”
  1. 10.03.2009

    Beautiful…every single one of them!

  2. 10.03.2009

    You always have the most interesting photowalks!! Love the characters and the colours

  3. Love these pics, but I have to say, I’m upset you didn’t include my favorite picture. The one of the guy sitting at the outside bar w/ his dog is uh-maze-ng.

  4. 10.03.2009

    These are glorious. You can almost hear the music, and you can certainly ‘feel’ it in your images.

  5. seriously girl. You have like the BEST eye for photography I have EVER seen. SERIOUSLY!!!!!

  6. 10.03.2009

    Asheville is one of my favorite places and you have so perfectly captured it. I love each of those shots so much! Time for a trip to the mountains :)

  7. 10.03.2009

    I’m so in love with Asheville too. Your pictures are amazing!!! Now, I don’t think I will want to put my pictures up. :)

  8. 10.03.2009

    No one takes photos like you, Mishi. I can just feel, and sense the wonderment on those streets. Incredible, my friend.

  9. 10.03.2009

    These are great. Love the one with the dog.

  10. Great set! You always have the best perspective. =)

  11. 10.04.2009

    Awesome. Don’t know how I missed some of these on the photowalk. Seems like we both have the same mime up this week too!

  12. 10.04.2009

    LMAO! He looks just like the “walk” sign. I’m so sad I missed Type-A!!

  13. 10.04.2009

    Wonderful shots. I love how musical so much of this set is!

  14. 10.04.2009

    I love the things that you see when you’re out walking. You always have the most interesting shots.

  15. 10.05.2009

    That fourth photo is simply amazing.. and I agree with everyone..your eye is like no ones I have ever seen..

  16. 10.05.2009

    I lurk more than I comment, but I thought I’d pipe up and tell you that I look forward to seeing your shots. I granted you immunity in my Google Reader a long time ago! Your eye… I can’t even come up with words…

  17. 10.05.2009

    How I love these! “Namaste, y’all” is hilarious and totally the kind of thing I would say. Looks like an awesome place to be your camera.

  18. 10.05.2009

    Great shots! I found myself dancing while watching some of them…

  19. 10.06.2009

    Very nice photos…good use of color in a city environment.

  20. 10.11.2009

    Love. Wonderful movement here. Just stunning, Mama…

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