Weekly Winners {Beautiful Things Edition}


Smiling @Mama


The Beauty of Weeds



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26 Responses to “Weekly Winners {Beautiful Things Edition}”
  1. 10.17.2009

    Your photos are so moving. I hope to be half as good a photographer as you some day!

  2. 10.17.2009

    Gorgeous! LOVE the second shot!

  3. 10.17.2009

    the last shot is stunning.

    your photos give me hope, mishi.

  4. 10.18.2009

    Beautiful photos! I love the first one – stunning :-)

  5. 10.18.2009

    Love the trampoline pic – rainbow of colors.

  6. 10.18.2009

    Love the action shot on the trampoline :)

  7. Those are all definitely BEAUTIFUL things! Very nice!

  8. 10.18.2009

    These are all wonderful. I really like the first and last shots, they look almost surreal. The texture is amazing.

  9. 10.18.2009

    Some very special and creative pictures !

  10. Love all the beautiful shots! The trampoline pics are awesome! Love the motion one…having 2 boys myself, that seems to be the norm in our house, constant movement :-)!!

  11. 10.18.2009

    yes, those are beautiful things and more .. lovable boy in motion – love it!

  12. 10.18.2009

    BTW, I love that round rainbow in one of the leaf (or twig) photo – great capture :)

  13. 10.18.2009

    I love the bokeh on the first two & the effects on the last ones! Really lovely!

  14. 10.18.2009

    Beautiful I love the light in the grass shots.

  15. 10.18.2009

    I love the movement in the tramoline shot, and how you managed to keep that sweet face, it’s not completely blurred out, I can still seehow much fun he has! ONLY YOU!!

  16. 10.18.2009

    You can make anything beautiful. The 1st one is my fav.

  17. 10.18.2009

    Beautiful shots. I love the different light in the last three.

  18. 10.18.2009

    These are AMAZING..

  19. 10.19.2009

    Beautiful shots. I love the rainbow starburst in ‘Every Breath You Take!’

  20. 10.19.2009

    I love your photos …amazing all of them.

    Ps . What is it about small boys and Thomas the Tank Engine …
    Davey is so grown up now !

  21. 10.19.2009

    Such awesome shots. Davey is getting so big.

    Also, apparently something is messed up so that I was not getting your blog updates in my reader anymore. So glad I came by, but so sad I’ve missed so much!

  22. These shots are so cool. The ice on the trees…..wow…the little boy jumping up and down is so cool. Is that your son? Love these photos. Seriously. They inspire me to stretch a bit.

  23. 10.19.2009

    You have such amazing eyes!! I love the first shot. You make ordinary thing look so extraordinary.

  24. Your photos speak to my heart. They vibrate within my soul.
    You bless me, thank you.

  25. 10.20.2009

    You know how I love these already… wow, lady! Soooooo wonderful… good for you, mama.

  26. 10.22.2009

    This is my first time to your blog and I have to say your pictures are simply breathtaking!

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