Weekly Winners {Chicago Edition}

City Flare

Through the Sidewalk Gate

Crossing the Street





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26 Responses to “Weekly Winners {Chicago Edition}”
  1. 08.02.2009

    Doesn’t even look like we were in the same town. Gorgeous shots, simply gorgeous!

  2. 08.02.2009

    That first one is by FAR my favorite. WOW. What a great visual!

  3. Marina City (the first picture) is my dream home. It actually started as housing for city janitors and the building design was way ahead of its time. The apartments are all pie-shaped!

    Great pictures of my town! :)

  4. 08.02.2009

    These are beautiful, truly beautiful. I absolutely LOVE them. It’s hard to believe a week ago today, we were walking around Chicago before your plane took off. *sad sigh*

  5. I fell in love with that apartment building (pictured top) the moment I saw it. The architecture was just brilliant. All of the architecture there was so fun to see!

    That’s cool that the apartments are pie shaped. It was my dream as a teenager to one day live in a triangular shaped home, while it may never be it’s cool to at least see.

  6. 08.02.2009

    *lllllloooooooovvvvveeeee* it (singsong voice).

  7. 08.02.2009

    the first one is spectacular!

    of course, they’re all excellent. makes me wish *again* that i had been there …

  8. 08.02.2009

    Wow, beautiful shots! I really love the first one.

  9. 08.02.2009

    These are wonderful – as per usual! That first pic is Unbelieveable!!! That’s the best most interesting picture I’ve ever seen of one of those circular buildings there.

  10. 08.02.2009

    Your street photography is just awesome!! Love the first shot. And wow at the orb

  11. 08.02.2009

    Wow, Mishi. Just Wow.

  12. 08.02.2009

    I love City Flare and all the different angles in the other photos! Wonderful!

  13. 08.02.2009

    How creative so many of these shots are. I hope to go back soon and photograph more of the city. It was great finally meeting you at BlogHer.

  14. 08.02.2009

    I love that first photo – that building tripped me out when I was in Chicago for SOBCon – a parking garage and everyone parks in reverse, I would be scared I would reverse right off the building!

  15. WOW! That first picture of Marina Tower is amazing…. I love it so much!!! All of them were fantastic, it makes me so sad that I 1.) I didn’t go walking around Chicago while I was there and 2.) I didn’t meet you at Blogher. :(

  16. 08.02.2009

    Beautiful. Of course.

  17. 08.02.2009

    Wow. Just amazing!

  18. 08.03.2009

    Chicago was fabulous for the camera. And you, darling, took full advantage!!

  19. 08.03.2009

    Brilliant, as usual. I thought about you in Chicago when I was looking at all the eye candy. I was hoping you’d take some shots of the city, and you did not disappoint :)

  20. 08.03.2009

    That first picture.. WOW.. just WOW

  21. Marge

    City Flare is an award winner, girl!

  22. I loved seeing your pics from Chicago. they are so very beautiful and inspiring. YOu rock my friend.

  23. 08.04.2009

    My home though Mishi`s lens. I might be a little choked up right now. I wonder what would happen if you came to Japan and took pictures with me. Worth considering, no?

  24. 08.04.2009

    I wonder if Canon would sponsor that trip?

  25. 08.11.2009

    I love these pictures and profiles of all the great peeps at BlogHer! Glad I got to share a table and a bunch of pizza with you.

  26. Absolutely gorgeous! Every photo is stunning! I’m so envious of your talent!

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