Weekly Winners {For the Love of Food Edition}

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Veggie Delights

Lobster Roll Burger

Steak Tartare Burger

Nutella and Toasted Marshmallow Milkshake

I went to Flip Burger Boutique with my friend Renee and some of her friends. We made a story on Whrrl. Check it out!

You can also check out my own Whrrl story about it:

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30 Responses to “Weekly Winners {For the Love of Food Edition}”
  1. 08.16.2009

    I had to fight the urge to lick my monitor screen. The food is amazing! Looks like you had a terrific time.

  2. 08.16.2009

    i am currently cleaning the drool off my keyboard. that stuff is incredible looking (kudos to the photographer, of course!)

    and nutella and toasted marshmallow milkshake????? hold me!

  3. 08.16.2009

    You made the food look amazing. I’m hungry now and it is 3 am. The steamy drink shot is awesome.

  4. I’m so jealous! Decent burger places are hard to come by here in Germany and good ones are near impossible to find. Whatever that first shot is, I want some of those!

  5. 08.16.2009

    Oooh yum!! Love the look of the veggie towers at the top

  6. 08.16.2009

    MMMmmmm, I’ve never had a chocolate martini! Beautiful photos as always!

  7. I am so hungry now…. those photos are gorgeous! I think the chocolate mocha drink with the marshmallows on top might be my favorite, though. Hmmmm. Yum.

  8. 08.16.2009

    My mouth is drooling. I think you could make a moldy piece of bread appetizing with your beautiful perspective!

  9. 08.16.2009

    Those veggie delights look so yummy. I’ll take 2 please.

  10. 08.16.2009

    What else can I say except YUM?! Great photos!

  11. 08.16.2009


  12. 08.16.2009

    Congrats on being first to post to Weekly Winners! All your photos this week are yummy :~)

  13. 08.16.2009

    That third one is absolutely tantalizing! Wow. And welcome to weekly winners.

  14. Will you come to take pics of my food please?
    I took a picture of a cucumber like that today, too ;-)
    xoxo love you, my inspirational friend.

  15. 08.16.2009

    OMG! Nutella and marshmellow milkshake! These all look so good!

  16. 08.16.2009

    What? There is such a thing as a root beer float martini? Yum!
    Great shots. Everything looks delicious!

  17. 08.16.2009

    OH YUM. I love the creativity you had with the drink shots, too, at that angle. Very cool, my friend, very cool :)

  18. 08.16.2009

    Oh, me? I’m a regular to Weekly Winners! I think I’ve been doing it as long as it’s been going on.. lol

    I love that third one, very much, too!

  19. 08.16.2009

    That means I get to hang out with you and you get to cook for me. Sooooooo, yes!!

  20. 08.16.2009

    Thanks bunches, darlin’!

  21. 08.16.2009

    Damn, now I’m hungry!

  22. 08.16.2009

    Now I’m hungry. (again) Great shots!

  23. 08.16.2009

    Okay, so my belly is TOTALLY GROWLING now. And it’s 11pm! Great pictures :)

  24. 08.17.2009

    I’m jealous! :(

  25. 08.17.2009

    Oh my goodness that all looks good. Especially that ice coffee. Yum!

  26. 08.17.2009

    Just salivating over here… yum, esp. that in the martini glass ;)

  27. 08.18.2009

    Just hand me the chocolate martini and all will be well.

  28. love love these photos. makes me sooooooooooo hungry. :)

    to answer your question….I took last week’s photos with the Opteka. :) so much fun for so little money. :)

  29. 08.20.2009

    Ha! I have that exact same milkshake photo from Flip on my blog! Except I went for the 1/2 version. I love the internet, I live in MI but was in ALT visiting my sister and then stumbled on your blog! And I was at blissdom ’09 couldn’t make blogher.

  30. 08.22.2009

    I had a great time with you that day! Hope you had a great time with me and can consider me one of your new friends, and not just a friend of Renee’s.


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