Weekly Winners {The Heart Edition}

Lotus Inspired

Shall we compare our hearts to a garden –
with beautiful blooms, straggling weeds,
swooping birds and sunshine, rain –
and most importantly, seeds.

—Grey Livingston

{go see iamlot.us for more}

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13 Responses to “Weekly Winners {The Heart Edition}”
  1. 02.20.2011

    And I <3 you Mishi. This was such a sweet set.

  2. 02.20.2011

    I smiled the whole way through this set. Love, love the last photo. I need me some Chuck’s!

  3. 02.20.2011

    Mine are totally fake, but I’m gonna get a real, colorful pair soon. Even though they feel tight when I try them on, I think they stretch fairly easily!

  4. 02.20.2011

    I <3 You, T!

  5. 02.20.2011

    I totally <3 the bokeh hearts!! What a lovely set this week! Makes me very happy :)

  6. 02.20.2011

    those balloon photos are priceless!

  7. 02.20.2011

    I LOVE the shot of the balloon on the dog’s head! TOO cute!
    I also love the chalk shots!

    A great collection this week :)

  8. 02.20.2011

    This just filled me with smiles and happiness!!! LOVE!!!

  9. Heathersaurus Rex

    I recommend getting half a size larger because even though the fabric will stretch easily, that rubber on the toes will hurt your baby toe. I speak from experience!

  10. 02.21.2011

    LOVE all of the hearts. What joy!

  11. Sandy

    I like your post.. and the cute dog.

  12. Terrie

    i love the theme!

  13. 02.21.2011

    Love these :)

    Your dog is the cutest thing!

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