Weekly Winners LIX

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Inspiring Early Morning Sky

Sunrise Through Our Woods

Quick and Tasty Whole Wheat Angel Hair Pasta, Sliced Smoked Turkey Sausages,
Butter, Parmesan Cheese & Green Peas; Mix Together and Enjoy!

Reading the Morning Paper

Christmas Eve

Air Hog in da House

My New OrnamentFrom Michelle (Burgh Baby) for the
Plurk Ornament Exchange that I organized this year!

The Kids' New Oraments for our Ecclectic Tree

Four Mushrooms for Papa

Petits Fours Photo Shoot

Happy Birthday, Big Boy!!!
Today, Davey is TWO!!

Birthday post to follow…

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28 Responses to “Weekly Winners LIX”
  1. 12.28.2008

    Love the ornament!! And that pasta looks very yummy, I would add creme fraiche (or sour cream) instead of butter to make it more creamy ;)
    Happy birthday to Davey :) Can’t wait to see the photos of his new haircut

  2. 12.28.2008


    love your shots…as always! :) Have a great day!

  3. 12.28.2008

    A breathtaking essay of life in pictures.

    Thank you.

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

    Brigid’s last blog post..POP GOES THE SIG SAUER

  4. 12.28.2008

    I love that camera ornament! I heard about it so I’m glad you posted it.

    Happy Birthday Davey!!! Now the fun begins LOL

    Lisa’s last blog post..Yep…once again, it’s all my fault

  5. 12.28.2008

    I love all your tree ornaments, but the Leica is perfect for you!!! The spaghetti looks delicious, I just had lunch but you made me hungry again!!

    Happy birthday Davey!!

    Jientje’s last blog post..Weekly Winners, It’s all about Christmas this Week …

  6. 12.28.2008

    I love the sky pics and the tree pics! I also just might have to make that pasta today! Do you serve it warm or cold or both?! I’ll keep checking back for Davey’s birthday post!

    AnnD’s last blog post..Weekly Winners!

  7. 12.28.2008

    Awesome pics this week Mishi! My faves are CHRISTmas eve & all the tree/ornaments ones & the ones of Davey are SO cute! Happy B-Day to Davey :)

    connie’s last blog post..Weekly Winners=December 21-27 2008

  8. 12.28.2008

    Happy Birthday Davey!!

    I LOVE LOVE that camera ornament!! Great set of pictures again this week Mish..

    Kim’s last blog post..Weekly Winners

  9. 12.28.2008

    My fave this week is the second one. And the newpaper reader one cracked me up since that happens around here too!

    Happy Birthday to your little guy!

    Elaine’s last blog post..Weekly Winners – 12/28 – The Year in Review

  10. 12.28.2008

    I love that camera ornament! I want one!! :D

    But look at that big boy getting his hair cut!! How adorable!!

    Sarah’s last blog post..Weekly Winners – Christmas Edition

  11. 12.28.2008

    beautiful set, as always.

    and i STILL can’t believe that davey is 2.

    the planet of janet’s last blog post..Weekly Winners: December 21-27

  12. 12.28.2008

    Happy birthday Davey. Beautiful set. My favorite was the first shot.

    Secret Mom Thoughts’s last blog post..Weekly Winners-Holiday Lights

  13. 12.28.2008

    That first shot is utterly breathtaking!

    Smoochiefrog’s last blog post..OPI, Holidays, Birthdays, Books: Yup, Random Monday Again!

  14. 12.28.2008

    Happy B-day Davey Boy! My favorite is the newspaper shot.

    Jamie’s last blog post..Aphorisms With Your Coffee

  15. 12.28.2008

    I love the shots of the Christmas tree! And the expression on Davey’s face is great. He looks highly skeptical of the whole business.

    julie’s last blog post..Weekly Winners!

  16. 12.28.2008

    As always, I am loving every single one of these. The quick and yummy pasta thingy is something I need to try. Love the camera ornament and the newspaper reading shot. How is it that you are able to not just spend every moment smooching Davey? He is too nommable.

    Maggie’s Mind’s last blog post..Haiku Friday 12/26/08

  17. 12.28.2008

    Those are all gorgeous as usual…and happy birthday Davey!! Hope you had a good b-day :)

    Andrea’s last blog post..Weekly Winners

  18. 12.28.2008

    So wonderful – as always! I love all the Christmas ones!

    Annie’s last blog post..Final Weekly Winners of 2008

  19. 12.28.2008

    Love the little camera ornament! Merry Christmas!

    Kat’s last blog post..Weekly Winners

  20. 12.28.2008

    Happy Birthday Davey!

    I love the look on his face in the black & white haircut shot! Also love the sun poking through the trees in the sunrise shot. Great photos!

    merrymishaps’s last blog post..weekly winners: sushi and sleepy cats

  21. 12.28.2008

    Beautiful work!

    Angela’s last blog post..Happy Birthday Mr. Savo!

  22. 12.28.2008

    What gorgeous holiday shots. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas holiday.

    Hope Davey had a wonderful Birthday :)

    Momisodes’s last blog post..Final Weekly Winners for 2008

  23. Damn, you made me hungry. And I’m cooking that pasta dinner ASAP.

    Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing]’s last blog post..Ubiquitous Christmas Pictures

  24. 12.29.2008

    Nice variety of beautiful pictures !!

    Gattina’s last blog post..ODD SHOTS

  25. 12.29.2008

    Happy Birthday Davey xoxox… thanks for the pasta recipe mmm it sounds yummy.

    ((((hugs)))) to you all

    frogpondsrock’s last blog post..My imaginary friends…

  26. 12.29.2008

    Oooh, that food looks wicked evil…in a good way!

    Woman in a window’s last blog post..PERFECTION DRAWS the other

  27. 12.29.2008

    I love the mushroom ornament & the pasta looks delicious!

  28. 12.29.2008

    My first time over…LOVED your photographs. Yeesh, you are talented!

    Joanne @ BLESSEDɉ۪s last blog post..I Must Confess

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