Weekly Winners LXI

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Waiting Patiently for Rebirth


Lovely Tree

Proposed Excavation

Gated Community for Cows
Retro Curve

Saw Things So Much Clearer

Our Six Kids

Of Delicate Nature

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47 Responses to “Weekly Winners LXI”
  1. 01.11.2009

    All great shots!

  2. 01.11.2009

    Oh wow! Love the first one and the fourth one! brilliant!

  3. 01.11.2009

    Every week I fall in love with every picture. This week, too, especially the 6 Kids. Too adorable!

  4. 01.11.2009

    I’m with Maggie (again :)) Everytime I come here I find solace, peace, beauty. I am in awe.

  5. 01.11.2009

    all winners but my favorite is the group shot.

  6. 01.11.2009

    Simply gorgeous! I love the tree fork photo the best. Lovely all.

  7. 01.11.2009

    Great shots this week….love them all! :)

  8. 01.11.2009

    They are all sitting there…together! =) That shot is great. Sadie looks great!

  9. 01.11.2009

    Six kids make me laugh:))))
    Trees are so unique:)))

  10. 01.11.2009

    Love the kids and dogs shot!

  11. 01.11.2009

    They are all wonderful! I especially love the fence in the 1st picture.

  12. 01.11.2009

    Your pictures of nature are so wonderful! I love the red road shot.

    Have a great week!

  13. 01.11.2009

    Our six kids! How did you manage that one?

    I love the retro curve!

  14. 01.11.2009

    Beautiful shots! I love the excavation & the 6 kids!

  15. 01.11.2009

    Oooo….the kids in that ray of sun is just superb!!! Should be framed!

  16. Does anyone else see what I’m seeing? Does that ‘hole in the tree’ pic look like a uterus? Just me?

    Otherwise, no words.

  17. 01.11.2009

    Mishi, I’m just going to follow you around BlissDom and watch you.

    You have an amazing eye and get the most gorgeous shots.
    I love the collage and the six kids. absolutely beautiful.

  18. 01.11.2009

    all great – love the crooked road

  19. 01.11.2009

    So much to♥ this week (as is every week :) )! My faves are: pink, retro curve, our 6 kids, & of delicate nature! All great shots though~you really have a talented eye :)

  20. 01.11.2009

    As usual, just beautiful!

  21. 01.11.2009

    I also wanted to say thank you for your comment on my weekly winners this morning. That REALLY means ALOT coming from such a talented photographer such as yourself. <3

  22. 01.11.2009

    Love the angle on the road shot, and the fence…and all of them! ;)

  23. 01.11.2009

    WOW that lighting in the group shot! Very cool.

  24. 01.11.2009

    Very nice as usual! I really like “Proposed Excavation.”

  25. 01.11.2009

    OMG! The sepia tones and the reds … gads girl, you’re so good. And definitely an inspiration to me! I always look forward to seeing your work.

  26. 01.11.2009

    so you have 6 kids :)

    Awesome shots as usual!

  27. 01.11.2009

    I really don’t know how you do it, your talent is simply astounds me!!!!! That first shot in mind-blowing and the rest are all spectacular. You photograph things that can be seen every day and make them look more perfect than in life!!

  28. 01.11.2009

    as always, fantastic pictures. i think my favorite is the tilted one of the road and the trees. all your shots are great.

  29. 01.11.2009

    Love that second to last one. Great pictures all of them, but that one is just fun!

  30. 01.11.2009

    Wonderful! As always :D My favorite has to be the shot with the kids and dogs!! Beautiful!

  31. 01.11.2009

    as always, love em!!!

  32. All your shots are amazing, as always. I especially love the 4th one. There’s something about that little slip of paper, and how the background is out of focus… love it!

    PS: Thanks for voting for my blog in the Weblog Awards!

  33. 01.11.2009

    Wow, your photography is always amazing, and this week is no exception. I LOVE the first one!

  34. 01.11.2009

    Wonderful photographs, all of them! I love the way the colour of the lichen on the fence echoes the colour of the trees in the shot…I looked at that one for a long time. And the kids and dogs shot is just beautiful! And Retro Curve…that one grabs me, too…And…. LOL!

  35. 01.11.2009

    all six of your kids are adorable… :-)

  36. 01.11.2009

    Such deep dark photos this week. Brilliant. Now get your buns out there and start shopping some shopping carts Missy!

  37. 01.11.2009

    wow ! I love your images and the oneof the 4 kids and dogs is awesome.

  38. 01.11.2009

    Love the last one. You demonstrate some mad photo action skills this week. Nice work. As always you impress.

  39. 01.12.2009

    all are so wonderful. The fourth is my fav though. Love it so very much!!!!!

  40. 01.12.2009

    BEE-YOO-TEE-FUL as always!

  41. hip chick

    I love the first and fourth photo’s. And, I love the one with the dogs and the kids as well.

  42. 01.12.2009

    Those are all so great…I can never figure out how people make pictures that don’t have people or animals in them look SOOOO amazing! I love it!

  43. 01.12.2009

    Absolutely beautiful! The third one has yummy bokeh!

  44. These photos are so gorgeous! I love your perspective, your processing…Do you just go out everyday and find great things to take pictures of?

  45. 01.12.2009

    Beautiful shots! :)

  46. Love the weathered fence in that first shot! I can’t wait for the day that Wisconsin thaws out enough that I can mosey around in nature and take some interesting photos!

  47. 01.14.2009

    HOLYSHIT. You are amazing. That is all.

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