Weekly Winners LXII

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Summer Accidentally


Light and Death

This One's For You

365 Reject

Say Hello to Her Little Friend

Say Hello to My Little Friend, Davey!

Free Roses

A Bright Morning

Speed Reading

Skies of Winter

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41 Responses to “Weekly Winners LXII”
  1. 01.18.2009

    The first one fascinates me, I can’t work out what’s in the foreground.
    Love the skies, and the flowers are gorgeous!

  2. 01.18.2009

    Just How.

    I think I have something amazing, and then I come here and realize how far I have to go.

    Stunning darlin’

  3. 01.18.2009

    You know I totally agree with Rachel.

    I LOVE the close up of your gorgeous girl with the chook. Mindblowingly beautiful. The lighting, the composition. It draws you in.

    The first one, I love. Oh pfffft, I love all of them. Period. Just stunning.

  4. 01.18.2009

    okay the little girl holding the chicken. Adorable! Those freckles are just too damn cute.

  5. 01.18.2009

    Every time I come here,I’m in awe of what you do with a camera. It’s magic when you hold it!! Loved each and every one of them, but the one with the book really pops out. That is such a clever composition!!!

  6. 01.18.2009

    I love the third, with the sun peeking through the hydrangea (?), at least that’s what it looks like.

    Great shots this week! =)

  7. 01.18.2009

    I just found your blog a few weeks back and I love your photography! This last post has some familiar things and I think you might live in or near the same town I do! My little boy even said that looks like the thing at our C Park! I also remember the clouds looking that way this past Monday and tried taking some images at Sunset. Maybe you are not close to me and I’m just seeing things but, it sure was fun looking! I’m still verry much learning photography and you inspire me to keep trying to photograph my every day life!

  8. 01.18.2009

    I love summer accidentally – mostly because I didn’t notice the dog at first because the entire pictures is just beautiful!

    Also – light and death amazes me. I believe I need to start reading your photo stuff over at blissfully photo – or whatever it’s called!

    Did you take any classes – or do you just try things all the time?

  9. 01.18.2009

    The one 4th last one is amazing – definately my favourite but they are all so stunning!

  10. 01.18.2009

    Cathy: I am self taught, but I feel that I have always been a photographer. Just always learning, always evolving, always perfecting the craft!

  11. 01.18.2009

    I love them all but I love the one of Livvy and the bird! The sky shots are just fantastic. I like to see kids reading Harry Potter, I just started re-reading the series for the 3rd time. I’m on the Chamber of Secrets.

  12. 01.18.2009

    Great shots. I love the girl with the bird. The colors of these shots are great.

  13. 01.18.2009

    Great set this week! I love the sky shots, plus the roses. :)

  14. 01.18.2009

    These are wonderful! I love the photo treatments! I think my favorite is This One Is for You

  15. 01.18.2009

    These are all awesome. My favorites are the ones of Olivia with her little friend, especially showing Davey. That is just beyond sweet.

  16. 01.18.2009

    Love the freckles and those pics of the sky. Amazing!

    Have a great week!

  17. 01.18.2009

    Light and death literally made me gasp out loud. That picture is awesome!!

  18. 01.18.2009

    Awesome set this week Mishi :) My faves are: summer accidentally, light & death & free roses. The ones of your kiddies are precious as always :) Also, the winter skies are amazing! We must’ve took sky pics the same day~that one on the last row (pink & blue sky) is almost identical to my sunset pic in my winners this week ;)

    I’ll work on my assignment for you this week & try not to disappoint. I know I could’ve perfected that shot of the cross/candle but the day I took it, it was dreary out & it didn’t turn out too well.

    Have a great week next week Mishi :)

  19. 01.18.2009

    Every one is just awesome, in the true sense of the word, in its own right. You are so talented Mishelle…

  20. 01.18.2009

    Beautiful shots as usual. I’ve got to show that “reading the Harry Potter” shot to my 11 yr old son – he’d love that! He and his dad read them all and we are now going through the books in CD of it. love how you captured in photo “your son reading it”.

    Happy Sunday!

  21. 01.18.2009

    I agree with Maggie. Olivia with the bird, showing Davey – SO sweet and nicely done. Though I’m prone toward the single white rose, as well. Beauty, as always, Mishi.

  22. 01.18.2009

    Simply amazing. I love what you do with lighting. Amazing.

  23. The 3-rose pic is to.die.for.

  24. 01.18.2009

    As always, I’m amazed by your talent!! Just wonderful! My favorite has to be the first shot, though…the dog in the background whizzing by makes me smile :D

  25. 01.18.2009

    These are all great shots! Great processing too!

  26. 01.18.2009

    Incredible sky shots!

  27. 01.18.2009

    Absolutely amazing- I wish I could see the world through your eyes, your lens for just a day!

  28. 01.18.2009

    Yes, you’ve done it again. All FAB!! Love the first one and the close-up of your daughter is so simple and stunning and also really really like the one with your son reading Harry Potter – great capture of the moment!

  29. 01.18.2009

    Great shots! I really love “Five,” the sky series, and the hydrangea.

  30. 01.18.2009

    Simply AMAZING!

  31. 01.18.2009

    As always, I love them. You have such a great eye, and you are really talented at post processing too. That is the one area that I think I still have a long way to go. I feel like my photography has improved a lot, but my editing skills are holding my shots back from being great. Any tips?

  32. 01.18.2009

    Kerry: My biggest tip would just be to play, play, play, and play some more.

    My favorite thing though is to boost contrast and to play with the saturation. I love warm tones, so that’s what I stick to. Adobe Photoshop CS3 is awesome. If you don’t have it I suggest you get it. :D

  33. 01.18.2009

    Stunning images…you’ve really got a natural gift for composition, and all the playing has obviously helped…lol! My favourite is your son reading the Harry Potter, something about his pose as well as the story the photo tells (which is not about wizards, but about boys and books) . :)

  34. 01.18.2009

    lovely shots:) Mine is up now

  35. 01.18.2009

    Oh my gosh, awesome! I love the Harry Potter one. You can see complete engrossment. Awesome capture!

  36. Love the first shot, and the pic of the barren tree? bush? shrub?

    I’m hoping to get outside this week…you know, on the TWO DAYS we should be around freezing. Good times… ;-)

  37. 01.19.2009

    I love visit your blog and see your photos because every time I come here I have holiday for my eyes. You are very talented and it’s great that yo have’t buried your desire and dream to become a photographer.
    My fave is the 3 and your daugter with bird.

  38. 01.19.2009

    every week, i see your photos and every week, i tell you that they are amazing, awesome, beautiful.

    this week, you have outdone yourself. i have no words. for real.

  39. 01.19.2009

    Those are amazing, as always…how did that little girl catch the bird?! :)

  40. 01.19.2009


    She is very persistent.. And the chicks mama was not too happy, but we got that shot and the other of her showing it to her little brother!

  41. 01.22.2009

    Absolutely breath-taking as usual! You are so gifted!

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