Weekly Winners LXIII

I’m so excited to share with you that I’m a FINALIST in the 2009 Bloggies for Photography! If you love my photography,  I’d love to have your vote!

Again, I thank you for all the nominations and votes; not to mention, the votes of confidence that you give to me all the time in your wonderful comments.  I’m so very honored by it all.

Vote for Secret Agent Mama in the Photography Category!


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43 Responses to “Weekly Winners LXIII”
  1. 01.25.2009

    I love your photography and I voted for you. When you win, put your $20.09 towards coming out here so you can teach me a thing or two, okay?

  2. 01.25.2009

    Congrats again, and I LOVE the last shot.

  3. 01.25.2009

    Congrats on the nomination!! You so rock, I’m sure you’ll win!!

    The bathtub shot this week is GREAT! I love the reflection!!

  4. 01.25.2009

    So many congratulations on your nomination!! It’s SO well deserved.

    My faves in this group this week are the sunset/sunrise (not sure which it is!) and the face in the necklace – that’s the coolest!

  5. 01.25.2009

    This is just the tip of the iceberg as to why you’re nominated & WILL win :) My faves this week are the bathtub one=cool reflection shot, both of the jewelry ones, & your self portrait=you’re beautiful! Congratulations on your nominations & I have no doubts that you’ll win :) Can’t wait to see the pics you produce w/your new lens :)

  6. 01.25.2009

    Oh, I’m headed to vote for you now :)

  7. 01.25.2009

    there’s a reason we all nom’d and voted/are voting for you.

    p.s. totally wore my fishnets today ;-) loves them!

  8. 01.25.2009

    Somehow that shot of the dirty dishes and the water is my favorite. Speaks to my soul, you know.

    (Sexy smexy. Bah. But you, oh you have balls.)

  9. 01.25.2009

    Another great set! I love the water in the glass picture. Great capture!

  10. 01.25.2009

    I voted for you already. Love your site. The last shot was my favorite this week.

  11. Love the muddy path!

    (I voted for you btw. Congratulations on the nomination!!)

  12. 01.25.2009

    Great pictures this week as always! I love that one of the muddy road. It will be a while before we are in mud season here. Right now it’s all snow and cold.

  13. 01.25.2009

    I always love coming by to see your gorgeous photos. You have a wonderful artistic eye.

    (p.s. I voted for you too! Good luck!)

  14. 01.25.2009

    I am so excited for you! Congratulations on your nomination!

  15. 01.25.2009

    that first picture is awesome. congrats on your nomination. your pictures are always fabulous.

  16. 01.25.2009

    But of course you are a finalist – congrats – and once again – fab photos!

  17. 01.25.2009

    Congrats on your nomination! I love the first & last photos this week! The flowers are awesome too

  18. 01.25.2009

    I finally voted for you. I kept going back to that site and wondering how to vote and then I finally got that you were supposed to scroll to the right! I’m really smart…..hehehe

  19. 01.25.2009

    You know I’ll vote =) and those shoes RAWK!!

  20. Off to vote for you. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. You have mad photog skills!! ((Can’t wait to hang out at BlissDom!))

  21. 01.25.2009

    Your shots always make me smile. So much to love. That last one is hot. :)

    I’m still undecided on the drive to Nashville, but I’m still very much considering it. I would *love* to meet you.

  22. 01.25.2009

    yay! congrats

  23. 01.25.2009

    All wonderful shots, I can’t decide on a fav!

  24. 01.25.2009

    Great shots this week! I’m going to register and vote for you!

  25. 01.25.2009

    I voted!
    I love your photos as usual, especially the bracelet, jewelry and sunset!

  26. 01.25.2009

    Great shots, as always!

  27. 01.25.2009

    this is why you are a finalist. AMAZING. Much lurve and I get to meeeet you soooon. Nenernener (she says to everyone else) ;-)

  28. 01.25.2009

    Congratulations on your nomination- you are amazing. I love the first and last shots the best!

  29. 01.25.2009

    Only you can make a faucet look amazing! I voted for you in the Bloggies and tweeted that others should too!

  30. 01.25.2009

    I love them all. I especially love the face in the necklace and the shot of you with your camera.

    I voted for you!! :-)

  31. Love the muddy trail and the pic of your feet. {*cat call!*}

  32. 01.25.2009

    Congrats on the nomination!

    Great set this week! Love them all, but my faves are water in the glass, jewelry and the feet.


  33. 01.25.2009

    I looked at these in my reader earlier today. Then came over to comment and noticed new things in each picture! That’s why I LOVE your pictures. So, my favorite has changed since seeing new things. Now, it’s baby washing. I LOVE how you can see his reflection. Perfect and so well focused.

  34. 01.25.2009

    Beautiful set! My favorite shot is the bracelet! And congrats for the nomination!

  35. 01.25.2009

    The one of the muddy road is reallly cool! I wish we had muddy roads here instead of snowy, icy roads!! Oh well. :)

  36. 01.25.2009

    Nominated, Picked you as a finalist, & Voted. So neener. :)

    Oh. And I totally have those shoes.

    Awesome shots, as always, love.

  37. 01.25.2009

    I just don’t have the words to adequately describe the awesomeness that is your photogrqphy.. Great stuff my friend.. Great stuff..

  38. 01.26.2009

    As always you take amazing photos. Congratulations on being a finalist.

  39. 01.26.2009

    Beautiful as always ! I like the picture with the black shoes !

  40. 01.26.2009

    Congrats on the nomination! These photos are fantastic!

  41. 01.26.2009

    Lovely x a thousand.
    These are beautiful :)

  42. 01.26.2009

    ooh – i LOVE that last picture! and the one of you (i’m assuming it’s you) holding the camera. very cool :)

  43. 01.26.2009

    Excellent pictures once again, Mishelle. Thanks for your comments, and whenever you have time, come back to my blog to pickup a little award I left for you! :-)

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