Weekly Winners LXIV

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Before I share my Weekly Winners, I have a few orders of business:

  • My blog was named a finalist in the 2009 Weblog Awards for Photography.   It’s an incredible honor and one which I have not taken lightly.  This has been something of an ego boost, but I have also had to ground myself so that I could leave the house without needing butter to grease my head out of the doorway.   If you are here by way of The Bloggies, I hope you are enjoying what you see and I hope that you will stick around.    If you’d like to see more of my work you can check out my past Weekly Winners or go to my Flickr and have a look-see.
  • There are some other, very cool, friends of mine that are up for Bloggies, too:
    Tiff’s Three Ring Circus, Veronica from Sleepless Nights, Blog Nosh Mag,  and my girlfriend Mr Lady!
  • I was nominated for another blog award.  I’ve already tweeted–or twittered–that I would do a series of vlogs (video blogs) if I win. If I won The Dottie for Best Director I promise to vlog every day for one week (a week meaning Monday through Friday.)  This could be very interesting.  Vote now!
  • I have a new article up at Blissfully Domestic|Photo Bliss.  It’s a must read for those that sometimes feel their photography is not good enough.   You’ll be surprised at what you read!
  • Speaking of Blissfully Domestic, one week from now I will have whooped it up in Nashville at the Blissdom’09 Conference.  I’m speaking and photographing the event.  It’s a huge honor and I’m so super excited about it. Not to mention I will be meeting a whole bunch of my online peeps, as well and making more connections with new online peeps.  I can’t wait, I can’t wait, I can’t wait!!   I just can’t wait.
  • I ran a contest for Bloggy Giveaways a couple days ago.  Nine people were to be randomly chosen to receive a print of my choice.   The winners are: Mrs. CoxJessica, Elizabeth, erica s, Nicole Renee,  MRS. MOMMY, Miss Ash, Guinevere, and Yertle
    Thanks to all who entered; look for more print giveaways in the very near future!

This week nature and my surroundings moved me.  Everywhere I looked something popped out at me.  I love weeks like this.

The richness I achieve comes from Nature, the source of my inspiration.
—Claude Monet

Masculine Embrace

Feminine Grace




Cold Awakening

All Lined Up

Just Hanging Around

No Tresspassing

Drip Drops

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44 Responses to “Weekly Winners LXIV”
  1. The shot of the rows of trees is just STUNNING!

    GREAT winners this week – I so badly miss seeing ANY nature! (Spring – where ARE YOU!?!?)

  2. 02.01.2009

    Love these nature shots. Beautiful. I can’t wait until the ice melts and I can take a nature walk (instead of slide) again.

  3. 02.01.2009

    Gorgeous, gorgeous shots! I took a ton this week, too. Love weeks like that!

    I want to see you do the vlog thing, so I totally voted, but I also finally get to meet you!! I’m beyond words. You deserve every photography award there is, and I’m glad you’ll be doing the prints give away again, too!

  4. 02.01.2009

    I LOVE the trees all lined up together.

  5. 02.01.2009

    You are a true artist.

  6. 02.01.2009

    oh girl…there is mutual admiration. and these photos…..the BOMB!

  7. 02.01.2009

    That fire hydrant shot is brilliant!!

  8. 02.01.2009

    I love the branch with the red buds.
    i feel like taking a whiz looking at the fire hydrant. excuse me….
    beautiful pics, and congratulations on your nominations. I did come here by way of the bloggie awards via pioneer woman….

  9. 02.01.2009

    All amazing photographs – as always.

    And your article over at Photo Bliss – spot on! I have always spent Sundays admiring many photos – and comparing them to my own – which I guess I really shouldn’t be doing. But photo envy – I’ve got it. And I don’t like it. Thanks for the perspective.

  10. 02.01.2009

    The first shot looks like an abstract heart. I love it.

  11. 02.01.2009

    Absolutely breath-taking! Another stunning set!

  12. 02.01.2009

    Wow, these are really impressive shots! They do look just amazing all together.

    You have got a lot going on, chicky! Congratulations!

  13. 02.01.2009

    I am stunned. These are as always totally amazing

  14. 02.01.2009

    These are all so amazing! I love just hanging around

  15. 02.01.2009

    You absolutely inspire me to be a better photographer. Also clearly I need to stop taking pictures of ONLY my kids. ;)

  16. 02.01.2009

    Beautiful shots even with a naked nature !

  17. 02.01.2009

    really gorgeous – again

  18. You totally deserve it all. I nominated you, then was randomly selected to narrow it down and was able to vote again and then when I saw you on the final I nearly fainted in excitement! SO FUN. So of course I voted for all the above that you mentioned because you all ROCK.

    I am in love with the tree photo. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

    Off to read your BD post. I have learned so much this year just following around people like you online!


  19. 02.01.2009

    I just love the simplicity of these photo’s. I really like the one of the trees all in rows. so cool.

  20. 02.01.2009

    Great nature shots.

  21. 02.01.2009

    these are lovely – truly – they have a warmth and a simplicity to them that touch the heart – you do have a gift of seeing, certainly

  22. The rows of trees shot makes my heart flutter.

  23. 02.01.2009

    I am bowing down to you. I’m not worthy! I’m not worthy!

  24. 02.01.2009

    Beautiful, as always! Cold awakening is just serene.

  25. 02.01.2009

    Ooh love them all, but if I had to pick favorites, it would be the row of trees…. and that last one the droplets! Amazing!

  26. 02.01.2009

    wow, gorgeous shots as always. i love the row of trees and the fire hydrant.

  27. 02.01.2009

    Gorgeous images.

  28. 02.01.2009

    There’s so much beauty in just the simplest things sometimes, huh? Love ALL those pictures!

  29. 02.01.2009

    Wonderful!! I love nature pix….

  30. 02.01.2009

    Your photos are just incredible! I’m so excited the random.org gods smiled upon me.

  31. 02.01.2009

    All beautiful shots this week! My faves are all lined up & drip drops. I SO wish that I could meet you all but it’s just not feasible :( Maybe someday soon! Oh, also, I wasn’t able to do the next “assignment” w/the candles this week but will try to get to it this week ;) Have fun @ Blissdom~can’t wait to hear about it :)

  32. 02.01.2009

    Thanks for visiting my Weekly Winners!

    Amazing nature photos! Love the lined up trees — is that a tree farm or an orchard or something?

  33. 02.01.2009

    beautiful set, hon. just beautiful. i love the row of trees. there’s something about the symmetry that speaks to me.

  34. 02.01.2009

    all amazing Mishelle – I like the trees lined up but all of them are superb.

  35. 02.02.2009

    Wow, I can’t believe I won! How exciting, and what a great prize for coming out of lurkdom. I am so excited!!

  36. 02.02.2009

    Love, love, love your photos!

  37. Elizabeth

    They are all fabulous but “All Lined Up” is by far my favorite!

  38. 02.02.2009

    Can’t believe I almost missed this one!! Great series, but my favourite one is “split”. I think that one is superb!

  39. 02.02.2009

    They’re all so beautiful! I really love the first one.

  40. 02.02.2009

    You make winter a beautiful time to be!
    Thank you, for that and so much more!

  41. erica s

    i think i was one of the winners of the bloggy giveaway…i am really excited!!!
    what do i need to do?
    my email is: elkesten at yahoo dot com
    i look forward to hearing from you!!!

  42. 02.03.2009

    What a talent, Mishelle… Every time we look at your pictures, both me and my wife (I always show your blog to her) say the same: “I want to take a photography course” :-)

    Sorry for the delay in visiting your WW post… have a great week!

  43. PJ

    Wow! AMAZING! I love how you can see a little bit into the forest in photo #7. That’s a pretty sweet water drop shot too.

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