Weekly Winners LXIX

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Swinging Before Soccer

Tunnel Vision

Split Second Seat

Muddy Hands

Sky Over Park

I Lichen You


The Beauty of Spring

Soccer Moms

My Model

The Sun & theMoon

73: 6 Kids

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42 Responses to “Weekly Winners LXIX”
  1. 03.14.2009

    Once again a wonderful set of portraits! I love the last one.

  2. 03.14.2009

    love these. you always seem to capture your children at the perfect time.

  3. 03.14.2009

    I love the first one and the last one. What wonderful moment you’ve captured!

  4. 03.14.2009

    Great pics, Mishelle!

    Yes, I’d love to get together this week…what day/s are good for you?

  5. 03.14.2009

    oh my….the one of the dirty hands………rocked my world.!

    hope you are doing well. ?

  6. Tracey (Why Bother)

    I want your talent. Seriously. Give it to me now. Please? How can you make such a statement using a photo of “Soccer Moms”? *sigh*

  7. 03.15.2009

    Hehe love the attentive dogs in the last one. Those dirty hands are so cool – love the DOF in it!

  8. 03.15.2009

    You always make me smile..

  9. 03.15.2009

    Beautiful shot! I really love the last one. :)

  10. 03.15.2009

    I love all of the park photos. You’ve captured the moment so well. Your kids will love having those memories. I love the peek into your life.

  11. 03.15.2009

    Great pictures. I love all the ones that look like spring will be here soon. I can’t wait.

  12. 03.15.2009

    Nice shots. I really like the one by the tunnel.

  13. 03.15.2009

    Beautiful photos. I especially like the one of the little one by the tunnel and the clouds. I love capturing what happens with clouds and sun!

  14. 03.15.2009

    Great shots…. I love the last one…LOL It really captured the suspense of their faces watching whatever it was they were. Thanks for sharing…

  15. 03.15.2009

    LOVE the sky shots!

    That last shot should be titled anticipation. Just look at those dogs waiting for something to drop for them. Too cute.

  16. 03.15.2009

    What great shots! I wish i could take wonderful pictures of this magnitude!

  17. 03.15.2009

    I love your set this week! All those outdoor shots make me wish it would warm up here already! =)

  18. 03.15.2009

    These are so wonderful! I love the sky and the dirty hands and what you did to delicate.

  19. 03.15.2009

    Beautiful shots. I liked each one better than the one before it!

  20. 03.15.2009

    lovely shots this week – great weather hugh?

  21. Love the effects you applied to the park shots! As I get more and more comfortable with the quality of my pictures, the more I feel I can play with things like that…I always love looking at your work. Its SO inspiring!

  22. 03.15.2009

    That swing-set shot is by far my favorite. I really like the post-production you did, warming up the tones!

  23. 03.15.2009

    Yikes– these are all great! I love how easily you capture a slice of life and make it very interesting. I love the camaraderie of the slide. The third one with the fun tube is impeccably framed as are the soccer spectators on the 10th. I adore the textures around the branches in the 8th one. The bark is so vivid on #5. And the last one! With the sudden attentiveness of the dogs– reminds me of home. The dog’s attention is of course because they love the children and has absolutely nothing to do with the presence of the food! :)

    Anyway, lovely, lovely set. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  24. 03.15.2009

    Such sweet pictures, I can see how much fun you all had, and I can feel the warmth of your home!

  25. Such gorgeous shots, as always!

    I love the texture on the bud picture.

  26. 03.15.2009

    I love Davey in front of the tube! But my favorite is the dirty hands shot! I’ve been trying to get a photo like that with Emma but she has been uncooperative.

  27. 03.15.2009

    As always, I love them all…but the last one is just awesome! The dogs waiting for drops of popcorn are hilarious! There’s more than 1,000 words in that photo!!

  28. 03.15.2009

    Argh @ Davey being such a big boy! :-P

    I love the dirty hands shot. Love it!

  29. 03.15.2009

    The tunnel shot and the one of the muddy hands are my 2 fav.’s. LOVE them!

  30. 03.15.2009

    Wonderful shots. I love the one of Davey by the tunnel!

  31. 03.15.2009

    Great week, Mishi…you have the most amazing subjects, the photos just jump from the screen!

  32. 03.15.2009

    You need to do a photography book, you know, just full of your photos. I’d buy it for sure!

    My fav this week is the third one.

  33. 03.15.2009

    oh my goodness the last picture of the dogs cracked me up…haha!!
    your pictures are always gorgeous…i love them all!

  34. 03.15.2009

    I just love that third picture!

    Thanks for sharing :)

  35. 03.15.2009

    Fabulous shots! Absolutely fabulous!! I love them all!! But I REALLY love the muddy hands!! It juts cracks me up :)

  36. Elizabeth

    Fabulous! My favorites are the dirty hands and the last photo. Look at how those dogs are just GLUED to the popcorn bowls! LOL!

  37. 03.16.2009

    Hey, is that OUR playground? :P

    I really love the movie night picture. (I don’t know if it’s movie night, but that’s what it looks like!)

  38. 03.16.2009

    3rd one down– he’s your youngest, right? I just wanna squish him! He’s so beautiful!!!

  39. Beautimous all over, but the last shot of the dogs waiting is classic!

  40. 03.17.2009

    Thanks for the pictures – love the shot of the dogs waiting for popcorn to drop & the kids don’t even notice.

  41. Oh my goodness, those dirty hands!! =)

  42. Your shots are all wonderful. My favorites are the third one and the dirty hands.

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