Weekly Winners LXV

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These pictures are all from the photo walk that I went on with friends, new and old, in Nashville TN.   Michael and I were accompanied by Lotus and Braden, Maggie, Lisa, Jill, Roni, Colleen, Leighann, and Michelle!   It was so much fun and hopefully next year the group will grow.   There’s also a Photowalk Flickr Group; check it out.

G-Clef Nashville

Hanging with Mistletoe

Voted Club of the Year

In Descendance

Right Angles

In Honor of Mr. Lady

She's On Second Avenue

Posing Musicians

Spotting Colors

It Must Be a Head Shop

The American National Bank Tattoo Parlor


Orgasm in a Styrofoam Box


Outdoor Bokeh

Empty Patio

Another Chance Encounter

Sun Flare

Maggie Snaps Mishi and Vice Versa

Michael Chillin'

Strummin' For You

Mother and Son

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29 Responses to “Weekly Winners LXV”
  1. 02.15.2009

    These are awesome shots! I can’t believe I missed out! Next time!!!

  2. 02.15.2009

    WOW! all of them…..HUGE winners. Too many for me to point out a fav….all so GREAT. You rock, Mishi!

  3. 02.15.2009

    That looks like it was a huge amount of fun! I absolutely love the one of Lotus, and I luuurve those boots!

  4. 02.15.2009

    Love these so much. And not just because I was there watching one of my favorite photographers work her magic, though that does make them that much more special. Beautiful shots.

  5. 02.15.2009

    I love looking at the world through your eyes.

  6. 02.15.2009

    I love the one of Lotus and Bradden! That came out great =)

  7. 02.15.2009

    These are such fun pictures. I used to live near Nashville… these make me miss Music City.

  8. 02.15.2009

    Thanks for sharing your walk. I really enjoyed myself! : ) And that hamburger looks GOOOOOOD!!

  9. 02.15.2009

    These are great! I love the outdoor bokah & the one of Lotus & Braden and of the boots

  10. 02.15.2009

    Glad you guys had such fun in Nashville. Great shots!

  11. 02.15.2009

    Looks like a wonderful time in Nashville. Your pictures are beautiful!!!

  12. Those are spectacular! I’m so sad I wasn’t able to go!!!

    BIG HUGS!!!

  13. 02.15.2009

    VERY cool shots – looks like a great time- LOVE the jacket flung over the shoulder!!

  14. 02.15.2009

    I love to see the different walk seen through different eyes. What I wouldn’t give to do that with you girls some day!

  15. 02.15.2009

    Those are all beautiful pictures! The one of Lotus and Braden needs to be blown up and framed!

  16. 02.15.2009

    Great photo’s. It looks like a fabulous time was had by all.

  17. 02.15.2009

    Ah, lady, you are such a master of your trade. Lovely seeing what you captured. And it was truly fun sharing the morning with you, doing what we love together!
    Can’t wait until you make good on your promise and come back with the kids for a solid chick date! :-)

    (PS: thanks so much for that shot of Braden and me. Does me good to see it.)

  18. 02.15.2009

    Beautiful! I love all the different shots you guys got on that walk.

  19. 02.15.2009

    okay that are all magnificent but I kinda love that photo of lotus and mini lotus. So cute!

  20. I think my fave from this week is the shot of Michael in sepia from across the street. All tryin’ to be a hipster… ;-)

  21. 02.15.2009

    Great set. I love the ones of Lisa and Lotus and Braden.

  22. Two things:
    1. Nutella & bananas crepe = heaven
    2. The pic of Lotus & Braden gave me chills.

  23. 02.15.2009

    Yes, I must say that the photo of Lotus and Braden is very special. But Mama, so are ALL your shots! I would have loved to go on that walk with you. And it’s very interesting to see all the different perspectives and shots of the same walk. I’m glad you had such an awesome time!

  24. 02.15.2009

    You’re good.

  25. 02.15.2009

    wow all your shots are wonderful. Love the mugs :) since I collect them. Sure is fun to do photowalks. I also do this with my friend who also loves taking pictures :)

    btw, thanks for dropping by my site.

  26. 02.16.2009

    beautiful set. wish i could have been there!!!!!!

  27. 02.16.2009

    Beautiful shots. I love the sun flare!

  28. Great, great shots this week, as always. It’s interesting to compare the different pics you guys got on your walk. I think my fave is the close up on the woman’s boots.

  29. 02.17.2009

    Those are all such great photos. Nashville looks pretty cool during the day. I think at night, I was so attracted to all the neon, I missed a lot. And Anissa and I *did* spend an inordinate amount of time trying to make Elvis look like he was groping us. Photographer FAIL ;)

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