Weekly Winners LXVI

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Valentine Receptacles

Tuna Salad

Bobble Head Dog

We're Bringing Sexy Back

Beautiful Bedding

Admiring the Rain

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29 Responses to “Weekly Winners LXVI”
  1. 02.22.2009

    Oh Mishelle! *sigh*
    You are the master.
    I love the last one.
    I hope you frame that one.

  2. 02.22.2009

    Oh wow. What a stunning set, I love the variety.

  3. 02.22.2009

    love the processing! they are all great.

  4. 02.22.2009

    Oh, those eyes! Love it.

  5. 02.22.2009

    you’re pictures are fabulous. i think the first and last are my favorites. i love the expression on his face!

  6. 02.22.2009

    Great set. The last one was my favorite.

  7. 02.22.2009

    All wonderful. I love the nest shots.

  8. 02.22.2009

    The bedroom shots should be in a glossy magazine!! And that last one should be framed, I agree!

  9. 02.22.2009

    The last one is wonderful! I love the bobble headed dog too

  10. I adored the bobble head dog. And the bedroom shots are amazing!

  11. I ♥ the shot of the door open to the bedroom. Bowm-chicka-wow-WOW! ;-)

    Davey is cute as always…

  12. 02.22.2009

    WOW-I cant say that I like one more than the other because they are ALL simply amazing!
    You are simply amazing….WOW!

  13. 02.22.2009

    What an enticing bedroom, love it! Love them all, but those EYES. Wow, those eyes!

  14. 02.22.2009

    I love the perspective of the Valentines shot and the doorknob. You make the mundane look the opposite. Davey is getting so big and just cuter and cuter.

  15. 02.22.2009

    I’m pretty sure that not many people can even make a bobble head dog look good. But you can! That last shot is beautiful!

  16. 02.22.2009

    Wonderful shots. Love the nest, but the bobble head dog is my favorite!

  17. 02.22.2009

    Great ones! Love that bedding. Very pretty.

  18. 02.22.2009

    F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C….. they are all absolutely fantastic Mishelle, but that last one of Davey that is beyond Good..It just captures the essence of “small boyhood”..

  19. 02.22.2009

    Just awesome, Mishelle… I continue to be awestruck every week!

  20. 02.22.2009

    I love how you can take the most ordinary things…like a door to a room or a toy and make them look extraordinary!!

  21. 02.22.2009

    Those are so beautiful! I love the shot of all of the little buckets all lined up.

  22. 02.22.2009

    This is a great set. I was trying to decide on my favorite, but I have no idea! I really love the one of the Valentine’s buckets and the one of the door opening into the bedroom. They’re amazing!

    Thanks for responding to my weekly winners post. :-) Courtney’s camera is a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi, and you can find her photos here: http://flickr.com/photos/her-dragonfly-wings/
    My flickr is here: http://flickr.com/photos/griderphotography/

  23. 02.22.2009

    OH! I know where you can find that bed one coming up soon. :: snort ::

    You rock. Always.

  24. I love all these shots….but that last one is just peachy! Stunning photography :o)

  25. I love the one with the open door Mishi!!

  26. 02.23.2009

    LURRRRRVE the boudoir shots! Makes ya wonder what’s goin’ down tonight. ;)

  27. 02.23.2009

    holy toledo! the FIRST and LAST blew me out of my chair. Love them sooooooooooooo much.

  28. I am flabbergasted! Beautiful! Could you be any more awesome?? That salad! Those baby boy eyes! Amazing.

  29. 02.25.2009

    The last one of Davey is stunning and perfect! I love them all but the last one……ooooooooooooooooh boy!

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