Weekly Winners LXVII

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Pretty Girl

Espresso or Cappuccino?

Wrapped Around

Around Wrapped

Varying Degrees of Texture

Winter Weeds

Spring Budding

David's Truck

Mishelle's Buffalo Chicken Salad

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32 Responses to “Weekly Winners LXVII”
  1. 03.01.2009

    I love that first one. *sigh*
    As for the others, you just find so much beauty no matter where you go and you have an amazing way of capturing it.

  2. 03.01.2009

    your girl is just gorgeous!

    the winter weeds photo totally rocks my world, though!

  3. 03.01.2009

    The first portrait is wonderful. I love the photo in the middle, with the pinecone. The colors are so rich.

  4. 03.01.2009

    The first two are magnificent! Interesting salad in the last pic too.

  5. Corey

    all are so lovely. the 5th is my fav. :)
    have a great Sunday!

  6. 03.01.2009

    i love the ones of the wire? not sure what that is haha but it looks really cool!

  7. 03.01.2009

    I want to eat Livey with a spoon! Stunning!

  8. 03.01.2009

    I love the first shot. Beautiful portrait.

  9. 03.01.2009

    Mmmm, that salad looks delicious!!
    Wonderful pictures!

  10. 03.01.2009

    Beautiful photos! I love the first one and the different textures one. The salad makes me hungry

  11. 03.01.2009

    Can’t pick just one, they’re all soooooooo good!!! Makes me feel like a total idiot with my camera!

    Your daughter has your eyes, did you know that?

  12. 03.01.2009

    Wow I love your nature shots. I really need to get out more and shoot that kind of thing. *Love It!* (sing song voice)

  13. 03.01.2009

    gorgeous shots – as always – your daughter is beautiful

  14. wonderful shots!

  15. 03.01.2009

    You make everything look delicious. Wish I could sponsor you to BlogHer just to come and teach me how to be AWESOME.

  16. 03.01.2009

    I really adore the espresso shot. It is full of depth! And the barbed wire is my second and third favorites. It’s barbed wire, right?

  17. 03.01.2009

    Your pictures are stunning. I happened to find you last week and I’m really enjoying your blog. Beautiful.

  18. 03.01.2009

    Those are stunning. I love the pine cone shot and your daughter is beautiful!

  19. Liv is beyond gorgeous.

  20. 03.01.2009

    Beautiful girl! And thanks for leaving me on a hungry note! ;))

  21. 03.01.2009

    They’re all wonderful, of course, but the lines in the coffee shop shot are so intriguing! My eyes are drawn to over and over again!

  22. That first shot is the GREATEST picture of your lovely daughter. She’s absolutely perfect, even though it looks like the photo was an afterthought.


  23. 03.01.2009

    your pictures are great. i’m amazed at how you can make such ordinary objects look so artsy.

  24. 03.01.2009

    Funny, I was thinking ‘pretty girl’ before I even read the caption. So lovely.
    Also loving the nature shots, especially ‘winter weeds.’ Great set of winners as always!

  25. 03.01.2009

    Great shots! The buffalo chicken salad looks yummy!

  26. 03.01.2009

    Love that first one…and the one of the b&w flowers…sooo pretty!

  27. 03.01.2009

    They are all beautiful!!

    But, I’d have to say my two favorites are the salad (now I’m hungry) and the little truck!!

  28. 03.01.2009

    Love the fifth one with the pinecone. I adore all the detail and textures in that one shot.

  29. 03.01.2009

    What a beautiful girl. And I must admit the esspreso looks pretty good also.

  30. 03.01.2009

    really fun shots! thanks to that last one I have a huge case of the munchies….mmmmmmmm.

  31. I like the first one! What a great portrait!

  32. 03.02.2009

    Your daughter is unbelievably beautiful… wow!
    Gorgeous other shots tooo…

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