Weekly Winners LXVIII

Weekly Winners::For More Go To Sarcastic Mom's Blog

Summer Trip{click to enlarge}

Her Royal Majesty Sadie Girl

The Lines That Divide

Under the Bridge

Railroad Ties and Gravel

SOOC:  Reaching For Blue

Sitting at the Dock

Feeling Like a Heel

Dreamy Spring

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43 Responses to “Weekly Winners LXVIII”
  1. 03.08.2009

    I have gone to photographers heaven. That’s where I am, right?

  2. 03.08.2009

    absolutely gorgeous! Love them all, I really need to get out again and experiment.

  3. 03.08.2009

    Oh wow, these really are beautiful! I love the last one of the horse – it’s stance is just picture perfect.

    I need to get out more with my camera that’s for sure, I’ve been totally lacking in the photo-taking dept recently and I miss it. Once the warmer weather gets going I’ll get back to being snap-happy I think. :)

  4. 03.08.2009

    Oh, the last picture is absolutely gorgeous! Lovely, truly lovely.

  5. 03.08.2009

    I almost expected to see a horn on that horse in the last shot. Beautiful photos. Love the pix of your dogs.

  6. 03.08.2009

    That is one majestic hound. Wonderful.

  7. 03.08.2009

    I love them all but my favs this week are the road shot, the shot of the wheat (???) with the blue sky background and, of course, the horse. Stunning!

  8. 03.08.2009

    Great set of pictures – the dog ones are just great, but my most favorite is Sitting At the Dock.

  9. 03.08.2009

    I love the photo of Sadie and the angle of the one with the lines is so cool. Beautiful shots!

  10. 03.08.2009

    How is it that you keep getting better and better? Love them. Now I am inspired. For some crazy, stupid reason, I have not picked up my camera in two weeks.

  11. 03.08.2009

    Great pictures – I love them. I need to start participating in this.. it always seems like so much fun.

  12. 03.08.2009

    I love them all. I’m a very tactile person and I love how you make the textures visibly palpable, especially the road, the railroad tracks and the grasses.

    Serious camera skillz, girl!

  13. 03.08.2009

    Your dog looks very regal and I love the last shot of the horse! Beautiful!

  14. 03.08.2009

    what a beautiful dog you have. love your shot on it :)

  15. 03.08.2009

    Stunning. Absolutely Stunning.

    I think that my two favorites are the first and the last though!

  16. 03.08.2009

    The shot of the horse looks surreal! Another great week of shots!

  17. 03.08.2009

    Awe! I love the dog shots!

  18. 03.08.2009

    Like I said, you manage to amaze me and inspire me each and every week!
    Thanks Michelle.

  19. 03.08.2009

    Of course I love the dog and horse picture ! they are so nice !!

  20. 03.08.2009

    You have some amazing textures here! My favorite is the one of the road though. Wow. This is a great set!

  21. 03.08.2009

    That last shot is gorgeous!

  22. 03.08.2009

    Wow. I love them all. My favorites are the upside down dog and the horse.

  23. Those photos are amazing. I’m hard pressed to pick a favorite, but I am really enjoying the regal shot of Sadie.

  24. 03.08.2009

    Love the animals – the sweet “puppy” (sorry, that’s what we call ALL dogs around here! HA!) and the horse that looks like it’s out of a fairytale!

  25. 03.08.2009

    Awww…look at the doggies!!

    I think my fav is the railroad ties…although it’s really hard to choose! They’re all so great!! As always, of course!! I think the bridge is my second fav.

  26. 03.08.2009

    Beautiful job, as usual. :) I think my favorite one is the yellow stripe!

  27. Love the shot of the road and the railroad tracks.

    Is that a shoe buried heel-up in the grass?

  28. 03.08.2009

    Love all of these.. but there is something about the lines on the road that really grabbed me!

  29. 03.08.2009

    i love love love your perspective on things.

  30. 03.09.2009

    Inspirational! Love your doggie ones! She looks like a grand old duchess! That beautiful horse in such a setting is fantastic with the daffodils at his feet. Something you don’t see here.

  31. 03.09.2009

    gorgeous – just gorgeous- I LOVE the horse!

  32. All are gorgeous, I especially love the dog photo.

  33. 03.09.2009

    Beautiful B&W shots!

  34. Holy horsey pic – love love it.

  35. 03.09.2009

    This could be a set titled “Texture”. LOVE IT!

  36. 03.09.2009

    man that last horse picture doesn’t even look real! Unbelievable.

  37. 03.10.2009

    That sure is an awfully steep hill. Must be a real pain getting across the bridge in the wintertime. No, seriously, the horsey pic is amazing. Good work.

  38. 03.10.2009

    I love the picture of the dog, but really all of them made me stop breathing for just a second. So beautiful.

  39. 03.10.2009

    So beautiful. Having a hard time picking out any favorites this week! Really love everything where the sun is shining!

  40. 03.10.2009

    Can I move in with you guys? You make it look so beautiful, there.

  41. 03.13.2009

    Happened upon your blog from a bloggy friend of a bloggy friend’s and love the photos. I’m an amateur photographer that’s very into film right now. I love the different perspectives and angles of your photos and that you’re not afraid to make it assymetrical.

  42. 03.18.2009

    I love the horse photo. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

  43. 04.06.2009

    That horse photo could be on a book cover; it is so iconic! :D
    Great texture set indeed. ;p

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