Weekly Winners LXXIX

Davey's Hospital Gown

Wheeling Away

Your Words are like Flowers

Note On Tree

Sadie Age 13


5/22: Holy Macro

The t-shirt would say: I'm a Bad Ass

The Tip

Breakfast at Our Table in Our House

Kids' Friday Night Snack

Salsa by Papa, Guacamole by Mama, Beer by Sam Adams

5/23: Salsa, guacamole, and beer

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23 Responses to “Weekly Winners LXXIX”
  1. 05.24.2009

    Hehe love the one with the cheese curls in the packet.
    and the one of the back of a flower is really cool! Nice set

  2. 05.24.2009

    Oh I love Breakfast at the table – perfect!

    Also, the one of Davey being wheeled off to surgery, what a great capture!

  3. 05.24.2009

    That dog shot is super cool….

    And the chips and dip.. YUM..my all time favorite kind..

    Gorgeous set again Mish!! I am always impressed with your photos..always..

  4. 05.24.2009

    Great photos this week! I love the rose and the cheetos!

  5. 05.24.2009

    You have such a wonderful imagination and it comes through beautifully in your photos. The second one, the sepia one at the hospital, really tugs on your heart.

  6. 05.24.2009

    I’m hungry now. I love that dog photo.

  7. 05.24.2009

    Great set of photos. I love the cheese curls one. The flowers are gorgeous too.

  8. 05.24.2009

    I never would have thought to take a photo in the cheetos bag :)
    Really great shots. I love the dog and the strawberry!

  9. 05.24.2009

    LOVE the shot with the rose. You so need to get that printed and framed!

  10. 05.24.2009

    Love the pink flower best. What’s the story on the tree shot?

  11. 05.24.2009

    I love the effects on the first flower! And now I am all kinds of hungry.

  12. 05.24.2009

    I love the set. But, would it be weird for me to say that I like the Dr. wheeling your sweet boy away the most? It seems so real, so gritty, so true. Beautiful set.

  13. Mishi: Those are stunning.
    The effect on the first flower shot is just breathtaking and so cool.
    I WANT that salsa and guac and chips and beer.
    Want it NOW, demmit.

    Love you and your amazing talent. Say Hi to your precious Hubby for me.

  14. 05.24.2009

    Wow. That hospital shot gave me chills. I love that photo.

    And now I’m terribly craving guacamole.

  15. 05.24.2009

    Those are definitely some awesome shots! I love the effects and I have to say my favorite is the rose. Happy Sunday!

    Weekly Winners 5/17-5/23
    Baby Steps

  16. 05.24.2009

    i think the last one is my favorite!!! yummmm….

  17. 05.24.2009

    Love all!! Especially the kids eating around the table done in b&w. Those everyday moments are what we want to capture and remember.

  18. 05.24.2009

    Beautiful set. I love the one of the dog.

  19. awesome-but now i want some chips and dip-oh, and a beer.

  20. Corey

    it just doesn’t get any better than YOU!

  21. 05.25.2009

    The flower ones are incredible, and I really love the dog shot– So original!

  22. 05.25.2009

    These are fantastic as always Mishi!! Love the last one!

  23. 05.27.2009

    I almost missed these, now that would have been a shame!! I still have a lot of catching up to do. I read about Davey’s surgery, I hope he’s doing better already.
    That picture with the rose is breath taking, love the whole series, but that one is my favourite!

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