Weekly Winners LXXVIII

Sparking Nature


Miss Maggie

5/15: A Webkinz Party

Plan of Attack




4 Swings

On His Own

Up the Ladder

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38 Responses to “Weekly Winners LXXVIII”
  1. 05.17.2009

    All of them are fabulous, dahling… But, dude, the haircut on that dog cracks me up to all hell. :)

  2. 05.17.2009

    Fabulous shots here, once again!! I love the angle you used with the swings, and that last one is my absolute favourite!!

  3. 05.17.2009

    Dammit, woman. You keep getting BETTER. Screw you. :)

    PS: Happy birthday!!!

  4. All amazing shots! I love the first one, are those mushrooms?

  5. 05.17.2009

    I lovelovelove the swings!

  6. 05.17.2009

    I love the way you look at life. The perspective in these shots is wonderful.

  7. 05.17.2009

    MMMmmmmmmmm – is right! yum.

  8. 05.17.2009

    all great shots. I really love that swing shot.

  9. 05.17.2009

    Beautiful shots! I love the first one.

  10. 05.17.2009

    wonderful amazing shots of ordinary things made beautiful.

  11. 05.17.2009

    The composition of the swings is GREAT..
    YUM to Avocados.. one of my favorite foods ever!!!
    Wonderful shots Mish…

  12. 05.17.2009

    Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!

    I love the one of the two kids playing in black and white (with the panda) and the avocado shot is awesome. You are so great at food shots! I am also very fond of the colors in the swing photo.

  13. 05.17.2009

    Wonderful shots! I love Miss maggie!

  14. 05.17.2009

    Awesome shots. love the B& W…

  15. 05.17.2009

    Great shots! I love the swings, the avocado, the puppy – ok I love them all :)

  16. 05.17.2009

    Beautiful shots once again! I love the mushrooms in the first photo.

  17. I think the swings are my fave…and I love the Daddy/son similar pics. Very cute!

  18. 05.17.2009

    Avocado (presumably for something yummy) + lime (presumably for something that contains alcohol) = deliciousness. Love the whole set. What time is guac and chips and drinks? I’ll bring the chips.

  19. 05.17.2009

    Great ones! Love the look on the dog’s face. Priceless!

    P.S. Happy Belated Birthday. :)

  20. 05.17.2009

    Great texture on the mushrooms! And I want to gobble that lime right up. What a cute dog!!

  21. 05.17.2009

    Gosh, love them all! Great set of photos, as usual.

  22. 05.17.2009

    Beautiful shots – I love the ones of the swings. Happy Sunday!

    Weekly Winners 5/10 – 5/16

  23. 05.17.2009

    Love the angle and the pp in the swings shot… and omw those avos look yum!

  24. 05.17.2009

    OK, you’re making me hungry for a little guacamole now. And swing sets. I love to swing! :)

  25. 05.17.2009

    How beautiful, Mishelle! You find gorgeous shots almost everywhere!!!

  26. 05.17.2009

    I always love your photos! Favorites this week are the swings, lime, and Miss Maggie!

  27. 05.17.2009

    Beautiful close ups! I think the avocados is my favorite :)

  28. Absolutely gorgeous!! I love the swings shot! (It makes me homesick for the park across the street from where I grew up…)


  30. 05.17.2009

    Oh my god that dog! Too much.

  31. Shelly

    You know I have to vote for my Maggie.. You captured her perfectly. Thanks for taking such great pics.

  32. 05.18.2009

    I always love your angles and subjects. I get so many great ideas when I see your photos!

  33. 05.18.2009

    The lime by itself and the sideways swings are incredible! You do such awesome angles!

  34. 05.18.2009

    Really nice photo’s this week. All of them are so interesting.

  35. 05.18.2009

    beautiful set as usual, but “like father” and “like son” speak to me …

  36. 05.18.2009

    I love all of these – but you know what I noticed? The two boys – they’re wearing their shorts at a proper level – up around their waists, as opposed to somewhere around their knees. They must get good training at home. Thank you, for that.

  37. 05.18.2009

    Some really beautiful shots here. I especially like the swingset ones. Cool stuff.

  38. bobby

    i came here to play a secret agent game but the piks r nice

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