Weekly Winners LXXX

The Dirt

The Sun

The closed will open and then shrivel away, closed forever more.

It'll end up on your ass, on your feet, on your hands, but the end result will be worth all the chalk dust.

Soon we will all find our lives swept away...

Thank God for Dizzy Spell and Feelings of Puke

Our colors blend but we are still individuals.

But for a brief moment in time we are all small and barely seen.

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14 Responses to “Weekly Winners LXXX”
  1. 05.30.2009

    I’m not sure how many times I can tell you that I love you without it getting weird, but I’m gonna push the limit I think. :)

  2. 05.30.2009

    Love the land/skyscape photo, so intimidating with the sunny lawn and threatening clouds. All so beautiful. You have a very special gift.

  3. 05.31.2009

    you are fabulous. and talented. and amazing.

  4. *sigh*
    you, me, blogher it’s on

  5. 05.31.2009

    Your photos are brilliant! I especially love the one of the field and sky. :-)

  6. 05.31.2009

    Love the shot of the field and sky. I also love the focus of the last two shots. The focus makes them so interesting.

  7. 05.31.2009

    I love the nature shots and the broom!

  8. 05.31.2009

    I like the meadow shot. Sorry you didn’t feel well when you took it.

  9. 05.31.2009

    Oooh love those chalks… especially the cool plastic box they come in! I know that’s strange, but here you can only get stupid cardboard containers that break the first time you open them!
    Love the meadow shot

  10. 05.31.2009

    I LOVE the texture, depth of focus, and the color in that first one. WOAH.

  11. 05.31.2009

    so earthy this week! as usual I am totally jealous of you

  12. Love the rusty old fence & field. Chalk is always a fave of mine to photograph as well. ;-)

  13. 05.31.2009

    Geez, Mishi, these are gorgeous as usual. That shot of the field took my breath away.

    Be well…

  14. 06.02.2009

    the chalk laying on the sidewalk is an incredible shot, girlie. i absolutely love it! nice job!

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