Weekly Winners LXXXIV

Week in Review, in pictures (clicking on the days will take you to sets on my Flickr)

On Monday we went to a local watering hole:


On Tuesday we went to my friend Shelly’s house:

It's in the Books We Read

On Wednesday we looked at some interesting relics outisde of City Hall:

On Thursday we made friends with a grasshopper that we call Leonardo and enjoyed time on the trampoline:

Liv & Leo\

On Friday I took The Bigs to watch fireworks over our city’s park:

The Bigs

On Saturday we were in the company of neighbors:


On Sunday we took a little country drive:

Dead or Alive

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11 Responses to “Weekly Winners LXXXIV”
  1. Beautiful shots!! I especially loved Shelly and the drive in the country. Great perspective! :)

  2. 07.06.2009

    I love the rusty car, my favourite one in this series!

  3. 07.06.2009

    You are the first person I’ve ever encountered who can take an ‘inside the car with a foot showing’ photograph and actually make it GOOD.

    And I am SO GLAD your site allows editing of comments – otherwise ‘who’ is ‘how’ and it doesn’t make any sense. And someday I will learn how to type. Promise.

  4. 07.06.2009

    It looks like a wonderful week.
    Beautiful photos.
    I especially love the one of the grasshopper on the trampoline! :)

  5. 07.06.2009

    wow I’m impressed with those books!! Love the car shot

  6. Thanks, as always, for the little escape. ;-)

  7. 07.06.2009

    I love the pics of the kids in the water. You’ll have to show me how to get there sometime. The kids would love it! I also loved the pics of Daisy. (:

  8. 07.06.2009

    my vote is for the scenic shot at the end, tho that grasshopper is pretty spectacular!! :)

  9. That tree on the left (on your country drive) has STORIES to tell.

  10. 07.07.2009

    excellent. i love the grasshopper. great capture.

  11. looks like your week was wonderfully summery. :) love the last shot. so perfect.

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