Weekly Winners {The Monochromatic Delight Edition}

Papa Love

Pee Pee in the Potty = Success

Bros. Traveling the Road

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17 Responses to “Weekly Winners {The Monochromatic Delight Edition}”
  1. 07.18.2010

    I love the ‘success’ shot with your and D’s feet. Been there, done that. Good luck for further success.

  2. 07.18.2010

    It’s POTTY TIME!

    Love your set, AS ALWAYS.

  3. 07.18.2010

    I love that last one of you.

  4. 07.18.2010

    Yay for potty training!!

    I love the theme this week! I can pick out the ‘delight’ in all of them!

  5. 07.18.2010

    That self portrait is so fun! I love the finish on it!

  6. 07.18.2010

    Yeah for the potty! Beautiful set – black and whites are my all time faves.

  7. 07.18.2010

    What great shots!! :)

  8. 07.18.2010

    Woot re the potty training!

  9. 07.18.2010

    great angle on the self portrait!

  10. 07.18.2010

    Looks cool in B & W. I love the last shot.

  11. 07.18.2010

    The one of you is really cool! And I adore the first one! (Also, what is DOF?)

  12. 07.18.2010

    Depth of Field! It just came to me all of a sudden!

  13. 07.19.2010

    That last shot is without a doubt my favorite, but the boys on the car is a VERY close second. I love anything B&W, so I absolutely adore this whole set.

  14. 07.19.2010

    I can’t decide what I like more, your stunning portrait or the success of potty time.

  15. 07.19.2010

    Love your pictures…the road one looks so mysterious and the boys on the car is a cute one :)

  16. Loving the Road shots. Those are my favorites so far. :)

  17. 07.23.2010

    I love that diaper/pullup shot… sums it all up perfectly! :)

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