Weekly Winners {Nature Edition}

Dreaming Along Our Tree Line

Nature in a Glass

Watermelon Colors Representing


Hanging Around

Sepia Dreams

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25 Responses to “Weekly Winners {Nature Edition}”
  1. redunkulous.

  2. I love.
    The roses (right?) love that.
    and the sniffing..
    love them all punkin’

  3. 08.09.2009

    Beautiful Mish.. Love the second shot and little mans photo too..

  4. 08.09.2009

    Love, love, love your photos! The way you look at life, the perspective of your photos is amazing.

  5. 08.09.2009

    I love them all…but the third one with the solitary string of such brilliant color is wonderful!! Great!!!

  6. 08.09.2009

    These are so beautiful! I love the petals!

  7. 08.09.2009

    The second and fourth are breathtaking to me. The rose petals make me thing of something human. You are amazing. And thanks for the comment on Kendall’s shots-she loved it :)

  8. Wow. Gorgeous…all of them!

  9. 08.09.2009

    Adore. Adore. Adore. <3

  10. 08.09.2009

    The first one I love, the effect and colors you chose along with the framing of them makes it exquisite. I love, also, the one of the one branch or tendril against the sky.

  11. 08.09.2009

    i love you totally.

    your vision amazes me.

  12. 08.09.2009

    You are so talented! Love them all.

  13. 08.09.2009

    Amazing photos this week! I can’t pick a favorite….

  14. 08.09.2009

    I love them all. The one of the roses almost looks like folded hands.

  15. 08.09.2009

    Love, just love, all of them. Cannot pic a fave, but then never can!

  16. 08.09.2009

    These are incredible, girl! They are gorgeous!

  17. 08.09.2009

    I love all of them, as always, but there is something about the quality of the light of the vase that draws me in…..

  18. 08.09.2009

    have to say, the vase is my favorite, too.
    think of all the money he could have saved buying me vases of leaves instead of roses! (shhhh, don’t tell) :)

  19. I love the vase, too… but the rose petals??? I thought they were human fingers for a minute and then was like, no, it’s a basket, no they’re roots! NO…… omg, it’s a rose!!

    Fantastic eye and beautiful photos. Wow.

  20. So beautiful. each and every one of them. funny…about the black and white of the roses…reminded me of clasped hands at first. I really had to stare at it to figure out it was. LOL I might be tired.

  21. 08.10.2009

    You never cease to amaze me. I know every time I come here I’m going to find new inspiration, a different angle, or a new way of looking at things. I love the one of the boy ( Davey?) sniffing the roses, and the one of the vase, and the pod in mid air … Hell, they’re all great!

  22. 08.10.2009

    These are beautiful shots. Love them all.

  23. 08.10.2009

    Beautiful. My favorite is that first shot.

  24. 08.10.2009

    So amazing.

  25. 08.10.2009

    Amazing. I need to let more roses die! (Who am I kidding really, it’s what I do best.)

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