Weekly Winners {Of Man and Nature}

“For man, autumn is a time of harvest, of gathering together.  For nature, it is a time of sowing, of scattering abroad.” —Edwin Way Teale

Just a reminder:  Please enter the next “Picture It Outside of the Box” photo challenge.  The theme is “Low Down”.   I would really love it if you played along.

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16 Responses to “Weekly Winners {Of Man and Nature}”
  1. 11.07.2010

    I love the bananas. I don’t even know why I do, I just DO. Also totes crushing on the sun flare. I’d buy that in a print from you if I could. Love it!!

    And when the boy and I went on our photo walk tonight I kept your challenge in mind. I had two that I LOVED…and had to pick one…already entered it :D

  2. 11.07.2010

    the little boy in the timberland sweat shirt is my favorite. He has a great look on his face.

  3. 11.07.2010

    The shots with your pup are just awesome! And, I can’t believe how beautifully you captured fall!

  4. 11.07.2010

    The filigree leaf and sun flare, gorgeous!

  5. 11.07.2010

    Your youngest just melts my heart with that smile!

    As always, love all your photos! You amaze me and make me want to be a better photographer.

  6. 11.07.2010

    Love the woodsy shots!

  7. Those are really awesome photos. Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a great sunday and a great coming week.

  8. 11.07.2010

    I love the shot of the swingset – and the sunflare? Awesome.

    I really love your style of shooting and it’s pretty identifiable. I almost think I could pick one of your shots out of a line up.

  9. Heathersaurus Rex

    I have a new title for you: Mishi, the sun flare extraordinaire!! It’s not everyday that you see a straight on picture of the sun blurred like that! <3 as always!

    The tree hole picture reminds me of an elephant's penis…can I say penis here? I don't know why and it's not like I've ever studied elephant penis' before, well except for that one time in zoology class. Nonetheless, that's the first thing that came to mind! It makes me smile in a weird and twisted way.

    My favorite is the swing set chains! It's a great picture and captures the sets in a different way than I've ever seen before! I think I recognize those old chains and if that's the case, lots of childhood memories just flooded my mind! :)

  10. 11.07.2010

    You’ll have to tell me where you went to elementary school. That should be a big hint as to where those were taken.

  11. 11.08.2010

    The DOF on the swingset is brilliant. Very visually interesting!

  12. 11.08.2010

    Love the way you see the world!

  13. 11.08.2010

    the swing set, and the dead leaves are so crisp and lovely. the tone is so perfect. love the bokeh too!

  14. Heathersaurus Rex

    I’ll just say it starts with a Robin and ends with son. ;)

  15. 11.08.2010

    Then I just gave you a trip down memory lane, my friend.

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