Weekly Winners {Old Georgia Cemetery Edition}

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24 Responses to “Weekly Winners {Old Georgia Cemetery Edition}”
  1. THERE’S A HEADLESS MAN UP THERE. How can you say this isn’t creepy?

    Also, it’s pretty damn beautiful.

  2. LOVE!

  3. Jodee

    For some reason I have always liked old graveyards. Maybe because I like history so much. These pictures are absolutely beautiful!

  4. 09.26.2010

    I love old cemeteries. I love your photography. You can see why I love this post. Beautifully done!

  5. Awesome! Old cemetaries rock! Nice work. =)

  6. 09.26.2010

    Absolutely stunning. (As always!)

    I keep trying to gather the courage to go shoot in our local (old) cemetery. I think this may have finally pushed me far enough to go try!!

  7. Oh my heart.
    I love old cemeteries. When I was in elementary school we used to take a trip every year to the local old cemetery and we’d do headstone shadings and then we’d talk about them and the lives they lived, or didn’t live.
    It was one of my favorite things.
    You’re so inspiring, Mishi.
    <3 you and your beautiful soul

  8. 09.26.2010

    Creepy & lovely at the same time. Wonderful!

  9. 09.26.2010

    These are incredible. We’d never find anything like this in my area, thanks for sharing so I can appreciate vicariously!

  10. Terrie

    such beautiful shots of “broken” things. i love the fence disappearing into the distance

  11. 09.26.2010

    What somber, yet beautiful, captures.
    Great pictures {as always!}

  12. 09.26.2010

    I love cemeteries and this series is so dark and detailed!

  13. 09.26.2010

    Can I just tell you one more time how I adore your images? You inspire me.

  14. 09.26.2010

    Oh awesome! Love the one with hinges!

  15. I think I told you this on facebook, but I love these, all of ’em!

  16. 09.26.2010

    I have always wanted to go to an old cemetery and get some photos!! Beautiful series, Mishi!!

  17. 09.26.2010

    Love your last shot of the headless statue. I love old cemeteries.

  18. Jen

    Gorgeous! I love old cemeteries…one of my very favorite photo subjects.

  19. 09.26.2010

    Beautiful. Perfect. (As usual!)

    And now that the weather is getting cooler down here, maybe you’ve inspired me enough to venture outside a little more often!

  20. 09.27.2010

    I’ve always loved old cemeteries… these photos are fantastic! Beautiful points of view and captures.

  21. 09.27.2010

    I have relatives in almost every small cemetery in Jackson County, Iowa. Many of the gravestones are 150 years old and older. It felt just a little weird to photograph my son next to the graves of Moses Pierce and his wife, Christina, great-great-great grandparents of my son. They’ve been dead more than 130 years. And yet they are connected.

  22. 09.28.2010

    I think my inner goth made me swoon over this gorgeous gorgeous post

  23. 09.28.2010

    Awesome photos. The headless man was a little creepy. Thanks for sharing.

  1. [...] I walked around a really old cemetery. I didn’t want to just take pictures, I wanted to create art... aiminglow.com/2010/10/picture-it-outside-of-the-box-week-1

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