Weekly Winners {One Day in Seattle}

One day, in Seattle, four OG friends met up.  There were squeals and hugs and ohmygoshyoulooksopretties!  There was a Volvo with an attacking seat-belt—the kind that is seemingly like the tree that grabbed the brother in Poltergeist.  There was a drive, around the city, to a famous restaurant that makes killer burgers.  There was a lot of son-of-a-bitching when it was realized that the restaurant that we drove all around the city for was not there anymore, because they had totally succeeded and upgraded from the hole-in-the-wall to a very spacious and cool location.  There was belly-aching laughter.  There was milkshakes and beer.  There was killer burgers and fries. There were lava lamps. There were lunchboxes.  There were cute waiters boys.  There was artwork and landmarks.   There was a beautiful sunset in a very cool city.  And, most of all there was friendship and old-love!

OGs in Seattle


Best. Lunch. Ever.

Maria's Meat Burger {Where Meat Equals Kobe Beef}Lava Lamp {Photo for Olivia..errr..Olavia}!

Cute Watierboy

The Spaceneedle

Vee and Maria and the Sun

No Fish To Catch

Seattle Drain

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8 Responses to “Weekly Winners {One Day in Seattle}”
  1. 04.03.2011

    SUCH a fantastic day. And you captured it perfectly.

  2. 04.03.2011

    Beautiful! I love these shots. I had so much fun with you ladies!

  3. 04.03.2011

    What a marvelous series!! The lunch boxes are awesome…but I just lve the lines of he architecture you captured.

  4. 04.03.2011

    A great collection! You did show off the city and the fun you had. The neon signs are beautiful.

  5. 04.03.2011

    Lovely pics.

  6. 04.03.2011

    Mmm … I want whatever that chocolate concoction was!

  7. 04.03.2011

    Oh Mishi…as per usual, gorgeous gorgeous photos. The hubs and I went to Seattle a few years ago for a wedding and we can’t wait to go back. Such a neat, fun town. Thanks for reminding me :-)

  8. OMG; I love the lunchboxes. I want a Secret of NIMH one. Lovely images.

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