Weekly Winners {SOOC* Edition}

How I Found Them

The Explorer

Holding On

Closing Up Shop

She Whom Scooters

The Mongoose

*SOOC = Straight Out Of Camera; which means no editing, processing, nothing!  Just good ole photography.

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Oh and this is the kick off for {NaBloPoMo}

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20 Responses to “Weekly Winners {SOOC* Edition}”
  1. You mean “GREAT ole photography”!

  2. 11.01.2009

    Hi! I found you through Nablopomo. Love your photographs! You have such a great eye! I am a beginner myself. I also love the fact that you embrace the blur:) Looking forward to reading your posts this month!

  3. 11.01.2009

    I love stopping by over here. I am always amazed and come away with a smile.

  4. awesome shots!

  5. 11.01.2009

    The shots are great – love the one of your son on the grass.

  6. Those photos rock! Great bokeh on the close up shots. =)

  7. 11.01.2009

    It’s good ole photography alright. I especially love the compostion of the one of your little boy running–the leaves do something special to that shot, even though there aren’t a lot of them, and I like the way his shoes are kind of sunken into the grass. Awesome.

  8. 11.01.2009

    Wonderful photos! I love the explorer and the depth on closing up shop

  9. 11.01.2009

    I really love the colors and textures in the first one, but that last one is even more wonderful!

  10. 11.01.2009

    Great shots!! I love it when they look great SOOC!!

  11. 11.01.2009

    That last shot is brilliant! Love the lines

  12. 11.01.2009

    All great shots, as always. Loved the brown, curled leaf.

  13. Wow! great photography this week – especially since there was not editing! I love the Autumn shots! I just don’t get sick of seeing them or photographing them, maybe because I know it’s going to get dreary soon with the Winter Blahs!!

  14. 11.01.2009

    SOOC? No freakin’ way. Dude, you have some mad skills. But, then I already knew that :~)

  15. 11.01.2009

    Great shots. I love SOOC shots. The Explorer was my favorite.

  16. 11.01.2009

    I really love the scooter shots, and the sunlight in “The Explorer” is wonderful!

  17. 11.01.2009

    Really nice shots! The leaf is gorgeous.

  18. 11.01.2009

    You see? That’s when it gets frustrating. Those are your ‘SOOC’ pictures? That’s how some of mine would look after months of post-processing!!! It’s just not fair… :-)

    You’re a genius.

  19. 11.02.2009

    I think these may be some of my fave photos of yours!

  20. The curled leaf is my favorite.

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