Weekly Winners {Sparks in the Park Edition}

Kids at Sparks in the Park


My Fave of the Whole Show

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17 Responses to “Weekly Winners {Sparks in the Park Edition}”
  1. 07.04.2010

    Now YOUR fireworks pictures are awesome.
    I *read* your post and promptly forgot EVERYTHING once I was watching them. I have one decent shot (that might be better if I zoom in further).

  2. 07.04.2010

    Oooo, I love the green firework shot! I will have to try my skillz tonight.

  3. 07.04.2010

    Wow!! Your fireworks shots are fabulous.

  4. 07.04.2010

    Awesome shots of the fireworks!

  5. Wow. That’s all I can say. WOW

  6. 07.04.2010

    #3 is my favorite. Happy fourth of July!

  7. 07.04.2010

    I love the fireworks shots! So gorgeous!! I was so excited to try out your suggestions, too, and they most likely will be canceled here due to rain!!

  8. 07.04.2010

    Oh nice!!

  9. 07.04.2010

    Yea! All those pictures are soo good. My kids have those exact same shirts!!! I made them all get the same one – I’m cheezy mom like that. LOL

  10. 07.04.2010

    Gorgeous fireworks!

  11. 07.04.2010

    Beautifully captured. Well done.

  12. 07.04.2010

    The firework shots are RAD!! I swear I can never catch them like that–I wish I knew your secret!

  13. 07.05.2010

    FANTASTIC fireworks shots! WOW!!!

  14. 07.05.2010

    oh Pretty lights! LOVE the green shot!

  15. 07.05.2010

    I must learn how to do this! Beautiful fireworks…

  16. 07.05.2010

    Oh wow those fireworks are awesome

  17. 07.08.2010

    Your photos look better than they did in person. Great job.

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