Weekly Winners {The 365 Round Up}

Day 39 | Red Cheeks on the Street

Day 40 | Mama on the Moon

Day 41 | Ze Kids

Day 42 | Your lost treasure will be found within the month.

Day 43 | The Snow Started to Fall

Day 44 | Snow Covered Boots

Day 44 | Snow Covered Limbs

Day 44 | Snow Covered Fence

Day 44 | Snow Covered Trees

Day 45 |  LOVElove

{iamlot.us = way more winners!}

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15 Responses to “Weekly Winners {The 365 Round Up}”
  1. 02.14.2010

    Oh you are brilliant brilliant brilliant!! LOVE the fence post! and the first one is very special

  2. 02.14.2010

    ‘Lost Treasure’ is frame worthy… simply beautiful. Davey looks like a little man in that first shot.

  3. 02.14.2010

    Amazing. The snow covered boots moved me (though maybe it’s cuz it’s not my snow or my boots)

  4. 02.14.2010

    Wow. These are truly amazing. I love the angle and texture on the first shot!

  5. I love the first one…he is just adorable!! It was so good meeting you too at Blissdom!

  6. Wonderful group of photos…love the cupcake…looks YUMMY!

  7. 02.14.2010

    The first shot is beautiful … and I love the fence photo!

  8. The snow/fence one? FRAME IT.

  9. 02.14.2010

    Wonderful – all of them!!

  10. each and every one more stunning than the last. inspiration central. ♥

  11. love

  12. 02.15.2010

    I so admire your work, did you know that? You never cease to inspire me. I love the ones with the fence, for some reason I love fences!

  13. These are all fabulous!

  14. 02.15.2010

    I love the cupcake picture. :-) The kid in the first photo is so cute, he’s like your secret agent kid :-)

  15. {{happy sigh}}

    That top photo slays me.

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