Weekly Winners {The Back To Life, Back To Reality Edition}


A Field Bathed in Sunlight

Have a Coke

One Helluva Burger

Madonna's Shoes


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26 Responses to “Weekly Winners {The Back To Life, Back To Reality Edition}”
  1. 08.29.2010

    Eggcellent is just that… excellent! Love that shot! This set makes me want to go back to Atlanta.

  2. 08.29.2010

    Gorgeous shots. I want a diet coke now!

  3. 08.29.2010

    Great series Mishi! I love the perspective of the one with the Hard Rock Café sign!

  4. 08.29.2010

    Hopefully it’ll start growing something soon. LOL

    Come back. You’ve got friends here.

  5. 08.29.2010

    Me, too! Thanks Jientje!

  6. 08.29.2010

    Beautiful shots, Mishi! I miss this spot, I don’t get back nearly enough. You capture everything so gorgeously!

  7. 08.29.2010

    Oh, Mishi! You always amaze and inspire me! I absolutely adore the Coca-Cola pics. That’s my most favorite drink ever.

    Miss you, sweet friend!

  8. 08.29.2010

    I had to laugh at the man standing by the Coca-Cola wall. How great. I love the entire series…but my favorite is the spider web.

  9. 08.29.2010

    OMGosh, I had a straight up Vanilla Coke and the sugar went right to my head. Would love to make a switch to just drinking the occasional sugary kind.

  10. 08.29.2010

    Thanks, Karen! XOXO

  11. 08.29.2010

    Always miss my friend Malia! Thanks for the compliment!!

  12. 08.29.2010

    I know, right? I loooooooooved capturing him standing there!

  13. I can’t get past the Cherry Coke. Cherry Coke! You can’t buy that stuff around here and that makes me very, very sad.

  14. 08.29.2010

    That shot of the wet bum coming down the slide put a smile on my face :) All beautiful!

  15. 08.29.2010

    Great photos, but the spiderweb is my favorite. So cool!

  16. 08.29.2010

    Wow at the egg, just wow! Love the coke bottles too.

  17. 08.29.2010

    Wow I love this series!

  18. Love, love, love the shot of the bottles! The Hard Rock shot, the spiderweb and the series of Davey drinking also make me very happy. :)

  19. 08.29.2010

    Wonderful set of photos! I love all the coke bottles!

  20. 08.29.2010

    Suddenly craving an ice cold Coke.

  21. Heathersaurus Rex

    This series makes my heart smile! I’ve been very fond of the Hard Rock sign picture and it’s my favorite out of this set! It looks like you had a great time with this series, I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next! <3

  22. 08.30.2010

    I kind of really, really love this series. Okay, I just really, really love these. Coke? Hard rock? Beautiful country scenes? LOVE

  23. Terrie

    wonderful set! my favorite is the spiderweb. i have such trouble getting the lighting right on those.

  24. The second shot literally took my breath away. LOVE it and LOVE you!

  25. 08.31.2010

    The juxtaposition of concrete Americana and abstract nature is simply ponderous . . . in other words–COOL! Geesh, you have a gift.

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