Weekly Winners {The Big Gig Edition}

On Friday night I shot The Most Interesting Show In The World.  Literally.

Leading up to the gig, I didn’t know what to expect.  Just being there and feeling the vibe, though, reinforced that *this* is what I absolutely love to do.  And, I thrive in this type of environment.

{See more of these photos HERE}

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22 Responses to “Weekly Winners {The Big Gig Edition}”
  1. 10.24.2010

    speechless. for once. amazing photos mishi! can’t pick a favorite!

  2. 10.24.2010

    These are fabulous! Simply stunning!

  3. 10.24.2010

    Holy shit, girl… YOU ROCK THE HARD JAM!!

    I love them all. Wow. WOW!!

  4. Wow! Love the first one in particular!

  5. 10.24.2010

    Wow!!! Awesome, all of them!

  6. 10.24.2010

    WOW! Just amazing! WOW!

  7. 10.24.2010

    Oh wow! I saw these on Flickr, and was like “Um” but they were SO freaking cool!

  8. Mish,

    BEYOND amazing. Simply BEYOND.

    So excited for you and WOW. WISH I could go to that!

  9. 10.24.2010

    GORGEOUS!! OMG, so jealous!! Beautiful work!!

  10. 10.24.2010

    OMG WOW!! Spectacular set! Where was I when this was happening? Is this show still on?

  11. 10.24.2010


  12. Terrie

    wow! i love the first one with the little falling confetti-like stuff.

  13. 10.24.2010

    absolutely AWESOME!! Looks like a fascinating event

  14. 10.24.2010

    What an incredible night! The photos are awesome!

  15. 10.24.2010

    Mishelle, you captured the essence of that show TO THE TEE. I can’t even tell you how blown away I was by these shots. You are so talented, mama! So incredibly thrilled for you and what’s to come.

  16. 10.25.2010


    That’s all I can say.


  17. 10.25.2010

    Just. Wow. You seriously have amazing talent. You are damn good. These are incredible shots, all. Looks like much fun.

  18. Whatever they paid you, they should have given you double!

    They are all wonderful, but the B&W of the checkered confetti guy is fantastic!

  19. Love, love, love the photo of the guy on stage from behind in BW.

    You are a fabulous event photographer, my friend!

  20. 10.26.2010

    These images are absolutely stunning! I can feel the energy of the event, as though I were there! You did great.

  21. You have some truly incredible shots in there, Mish.

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