Weekly Winners {The Black & White Edition}

Freckles and Eyelashes, yo!

Lifelong Love

Lifelong Buddies

Oldest and Youngest in our family

On the Table

{Go see Lotus for more Winners!}

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20 Responses to “Weekly Winners {The Black & White Edition}”
  1. Beautiful black and whites! I love the first photo!

  2. 01.17.2010

    great images

  3. 01.17.2010

    Old and young – my favorite. That is a wonderful picture!!

  4. 01.17.2010

    Oh my… her eyelashes in that first shot are amazing! Oldest and Youngest is a priceless shot!

  5. 01.17.2010

    Beautiful faces.

  6. 01.17.2010

    I love the first one, but grandfather/grandsonn touches my heart. Beautiful!

  7. 01.17.2010

    That first shot is stunning! Absolutely gorgeous!

  8. 01.17.2010

    I love the two armchairs, spanning generations. Wow, the story that tells.

  9. 01.17.2010

    Wonderful shots! Love one the table

  10. The one w/ Davey & your dad is totally frame-worthy & contest-worthy.

  11. 01.17.2010

    That’s Davey and my Grandfather.

  12. 01.17.2010

    Oh yes, the granpa picture is great!!!! And of course the first one, so glamour!

  13. THE EYELASHES *sigh*!!!!!

    I love the b&w’s Mishi. Your pictures are just so amazing but, that’s because your amazing heart shows through each one.

  14. 01.17.2010

    LOVE this set! B&W is such a wonderful medium.

  15. 01.17.2010

    That first shot is just so striking! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier!

  16. 01.17.2010

    grandpa and baby is the best–tugs at the heart.

  17. 01.17.2010

    OMG. That first photo is breathtaking. They’re all beautiful but THAT one..OMG.

  18. 01.17.2010

    Really love the oldest & youngest shot. Also, go Sabres!

  19. 01.18.2010

    i don’t think anybody has mentioned how good the shot of Davey and his great grandpa is so I will officially do so! ;-)

  20. 01.19.2010

    OMG I freakin’ love the one of Davey and great-grandpa. Beautiful.

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