Weekly Winners {The Business of Hope Edition}

“The road that is built in hope is more pleasant to the traveler than the road built in despair, even though they both lead to the same destination.”—Marian Zimmer Bradley

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17 Responses to “Weekly Winners {The Business of Hope Edition}”
  1. 03.06.2011

    Those clouds. Sigh.
    I need spring.

  2. 03.06.2011

    That first shot of the clouds is stunning.

  3. {{speechless}}

    Mishi – your talent <3

  4. 03.06.2011

    Beautiful series. I love the cloud pictures…and the apples. The apples make me happy :)

  5. Love that first shot, and the one of your boy looking up. But all are beautiful, as always! :)

  6. 03.06.2011

    the boys on wheels — is that panning? i’ve been meaning, wanting to try that technique.

  7. 03.06.2011

    Gorgeous photos! Love the apples!

  8. 03.06.2011


    Actually, that’s using the Lensbaby Composure!

  9. 03.06.2011

    Your shots are always SO inspirational! LOVE all of them, as always!
    The first shot, though, made me go “Oh my word” out-loud! GORGEOUS!

  10. I knew immediately those were lensbaby shots – so dreamy & unique. I think my favorite is the red-shirted boy on skateboard. Nice images!

  11. Terrie

    those clouds are simply amazing! i also really like the two shots with the apples all lined up.

  12. 03.07.2011

    That first shot is incredible!

    I really love how you’ve set this post up. It just flows beautifully!

  13. 03.07.2011

    The second apple shot is stunning!!! Its a perfect set though :)

  14. 03.07.2011

    I really liked the apple shots & the cloud shots……oh yeah, I also liked the bread shot {a banana bread w/nuts I’m guessing}-it looks so yummy. Thanks for sharing :)

  15. 03.08.2011

    Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous.

    Hey is that a lens baby? Do you like it?



  17. 03.13.2011

    Love the first shots and the apples!

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