Weekly Winners {The Collage Edition}

Monochromatic Narcissism in a Bathroom Mirror

Way Up There


{Now go visit Lotus!}

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21 Responses to “Weekly Winners {The Collage Edition}”
  1. 04.24.2010

    Your photos are awesome. That is all.

  2. 04.25.2010

    I love this! The trees and the sky shot just make me smile.

  3. As always, I just adore all of your photos! The tree shots are just gorgeous!

    The balloon on the window cracks me up!!

  4. 04.25.2010

    LOL at the balloon, and wow at how long your hair has got!

  5. 04.25.2010

    Wonderful shots. I love the sky/tree collage. Beautiful.

  6. 04.25.2010

    That is an awesome camera! Love the shots of the trees and sky

  7. 04.25.2010

    Love the sky/ tree collage. Your photos are always so pretty, so interesting!

  8. 04.25.2010

    SO love hubby’s (?) hand on the counter. It is such a great angle.

  9. 04.25.2010

    Oh, I love the trees :-)

  10. 04.25.2010

    I love the trees and sky especially! =)

  11. 04.25.2010

    so cool. i love taking photos of trees looking up. my neighbors think i’m a kook…and i guess i am

  12. 04.25.2010

    I love that self portrait of you, prettyface.

  13. 04.26.2010

    I envy your camera!!! I cannot wait for the day when i can own one of those…..Great shot of the droplets!!!!

  14. Great shots…I love those tree shots…I think because I take shots like that all the time..for some reason. Hmmm…keep looking up I guess?

  15. 04.26.2010

    Great collage. I especially like the tree shots.

  16. 04.26.2010

    The trees! Oh, the trees. Magnificent.

  17. sI love collages! Great selfies! =)

  18. 04.28.2010

    Fantastic, as usual. I’m stealing the trees for a post for tomorrow. (Don’t worry–I’ll give you credit :)

  19. I’ve missed being part of this online world, and missed your beautiful photographs as well! Love your tree shots!

  20. 05.02.2010

    Wonderful collection! And.. while I love my camera, I REALLY want to steal yours! Can I? Please?

  21. 05.02.2010

    I kinda go stabbity on people who try to steal my camera. Not that it’s happened, I’m talking purely hypothetically here!

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