Weekly Winners {The Dog Lovers Edition}

Mikey Dog Sat For Our Neighbors This Week

Jake Love Mishi

Summer - Tattoo'd on my heart

These photos make me miss our Sadie-girl.  I wish she was with us, healthy and active, full of fur and spunk.   This week I’ve thought about her a lot.
I remember how she’d bark when Michael and I would play fight.  Oh, what fun it was to see her defend one and then the other, though I’m certain she defended me more.
I remember how she barked when she heard a ding on a game show on TV.   We never did get to watch that Ben Stein’s Money show because of it.
I remember how sweet she was, how good she was, how she was the perfect “first baby”.  Maybe not when she ate my nylons and pooped them out on my in-laws lawn.
I remember how she loved coffee.  Michael couldn’t hold a cup of coffee without her hounding him for a lick.
I remember how she would drool while we ate.  A strand of glistening jewels hanging from her jowls.
I remember how kids fell asleep on her.   Her belly the perfect pillow for a toddler.
Oh, the memories how they equally hurt and ease.
And, just now, as I write this post and think about it, I realize that it’s been two years without our brown sack of sugar.  Tears stream down my face because she was our best friend.  Two years seems like such a small amount of time.  Because, dammit, it feels like it’s been forever since I said goodbye to that sweet girl of ours.
They sure do leave a mark on your soul, don’t they?


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13 Responses to “Weekly Winners {The Dog Lovers Edition}”
  1. John

    I love that pic of Olivia at the end there. Very cute, beautiful way to end this post.

    Love the pics, as always!

  2. 06.04.2011

    Wonderful pix and beautiful memories. Our pets really are part of our families.

  3. 06.05.2011

    Sweet! We had our first swim of the summer this week and the boys are itching to get back in the water. Our four-legged friends avoid the pool like the plague, though!

    They do leave a mark. Hoping that with each passing year, the memories grow stronger and the pain of saying goodbye weaker.

    Hugs to you (and I love your tattoo!)

  4. 06.05.2011

    I am sorry for your loss : (

  5. 06.05.2011

    Oh, yes they leave a mark on your soul. Sweet, sweet, photos. I am missing have a pup around the house. We had two dogs show up on our deck this morning to hang out for a bit and have a bowl of cool water. I have four cats but have plenty of space for a pup. Hopefully we will have another one soon enough.

  6. </3 Oh Mish ;-(
    Yes, they definitely leave their mark. <3

    I adore the little dog giving the sassy eye!

  7. 06.05.2011

    Such an adorably sweet series!! LOVE the eyes!! And the bulldog is so adorable.

    It’s been 15 years and I still miss my Ebony…sometimes the best dogs are the ones you will never, ever forget and compare every subsequent dog to. *hugs*

  8. 06.05.2011


    Gorgeous pictures of the puppies, but *hugs*

  9. 06.05.2011

    Wow 2 years already!! ((hugs))
    What a lot of dog pics this week!! All so happy

  10. 06.05.2011

    What a wonderful collection of photos!

  11. 06.05.2011

    So many dear pets! Great to visit, always Mishelle!

  12. 06.06.2011

    Dogs are so rad.

  13. 06.06.2011

    Awwww… I love these! Man’s Best Friend and fabulous photo subject!

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