Weekly Winners {The Ellijay Edition}

This past Thursday we went out to Ellijay, GA to film a spot for a locally run commercial for GCO.   It was fun and I can’t wait to see the commercial that comes out of the footage taped.

Also, I wanted to mention that I posted a new photo challenge posted at Aiming Low.   The challenges are called “Picture It Outside of the Box” and I hope you all play along.  This week it’s all about flare, like the eighth picture in my Weekly Winners set this week.

See Saw

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16 Responses to “Weekly Winners {The Ellijay Edition}”
  1. 10.10.2010

    Beautiful pictures this week! I love the black and whites!! Your flare shot is gorgeous, as always ;) But I think my favorite is the teeter totter set!

  2. 10.10.2010

    How cool to be involved in filming a commercial!

    I really like the swing shot in the b/w set. I like how each of the kids is at a different height.

  3. 10.10.2010

    fun! a new photo challenge!
    also, i am probably super late to this party but i love your site redesign.
    i also love the two jeans shots.

  4. 10.10.2010

    I love the flare in the 2nd to last shot!

    And I love the re-design as well. LOVE that you can have BIG pictures! :)

  5. 10.10.2010

    These are so cute, the kids hanging out and playing. Also, love the new look and the big pictures.

  6. LOVE. Yay for fall playground and hiking fun!

  7. 10.10.2010

    I love Ellijay! Gorgeous area and fun apple pickin’.

    Beautiful shots…you know I love me some flare, but I really like the shot right beside that one.

  8. Terrie

    what a great face in the second shot! so surprised and happy.

  9. 10.10.2010

    Such happy peaceful pics!
    Got the most perfect sunflare shots at the TTD shoot I did this week. Will see how I can link

  10. 10.10.2010

    Nice. LOVE the last one.

  11. 10.10.2010

    Fun bunch of photos! Love the sun flare!

  12. 10.10.2010

    love hiking in the woods, pretty sunny day too :)

  13. 10.10.2010

    Looks like the perfect place and day for a hike! I love your new layout. The larger photos are fabulous!

  14. 10.10.2010

    I sure do love sun flare.


    Mishi, loooove the dirty denim bottom!!!
    love her shadow
    love the flare!

    love you back

  16. 10.11.2010

    Gorgeous set! Love the shadow shot and the teeter-totter shots :)

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