Weekly Winners {The Faux Macreaux Edition}

All images shot on Saturday, February 26th, with my Canon Rebel XTi, 18-55mm lens, and my 10x Opteka Macro Attachment Lens.
{Manual Mode, at ISO 400, Evaluative Metering, and Auto White Balance.}

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15 Responses to “Weekly Winners {The Faux Macreaux Edition}”
  1. 02.27.2011

    I love that I can see your reflection in the Eye shot. Amazing clarity.

  2. 02.27.2011

    nice – I don’t get the last one but the eye of the beholder is certainly obvious in the other pic. Have you ever been able to get the bubble made by the first pic? thanks for posting these interesting shots.

  3. 02.27.2011

    About that last one: There’s a heart. I’m always looking for hearts that occur in nature (or stone, or brick) and was able to find one by our side window yesterday! I guess I just love hearts in general.

    Here’s a whole set of them: http://www.flickr.com/photos/secretagentmama/sets/72157624039889554/

    Re: the bubble
    I wasn’t able to catch the bubble, but only b/c I bought that bubble solution for a dollar and bubbles were IMPOSSIBLE to create with it. Time to look up some bubble solution recipes on the net.

  4. 02.27.2011

    Interesting pictures this week. Love the eye shot! Incredible..

  5. 02.27.2011

    Awesome photos! Love the eye & the crayons!

  6. 02.27.2011

    LOVE the bubble shot & the eye shot. Did you use a mirror for that eye shot or did you shoot it directed at your eye?

    Is your XTi your main camera or is it your backup?

    How long have you been shooting, Mishelle?

    (FYI I am stalking you. But in a safe, hundreds-of-miles-away sort of way. ha ha)

  7. 02.27.2011

    I welcome stalkers! Well, stalkers the likes of you, anyway….

    The XTi was my first dSLR camera. I primarily shoot with my 5D Mark II, but my XTi is the only one I can use my Opteka macro attachments.

    I got my XTi in 2007, but prior to that I have experience shooting with a film SLR both independently and in a portrait studio environment, as well as point-and-shoot cameras (my last one being the Fuji-film S5000.)

  8. 02.27.2011

    Mishi, I have wanted a Macro lens and it’s on my list but maybe this will work. I will have to check it out. I have my kit lens 18-55 and shoot with the Canon 40D. I am going to research. Thanks so much for sharing!

  9. 02.27.2011

    They have a fish eye attachment, too. Opteka is really awesome.

  10. Love this set… bubbles & sidewalk chalk are vital to Spring! Ready for it to stick around a while :)

  11. 02.27.2011

    I always LOVE your perspective on everything!
    I have the Vivitar macro filters, and I have to play with them more, and these shots REALLY make me want to go play with them again. Too bad it’s cold and WET (and SLICK) right now :(

    Anyways, I LOVE your photos :)

  12. 02.28.2011

    Thank you, Sarah!

  13. Terrie

    love this set! the eye is so sharp and crisp, and i also love those laces.

  14. 02.28.2011

    great photos; thanks for sharing :)

  15. 03.01.2011

    These are all simply incredible!!!

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