Weekly Winners {The Flare Edition}

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14 Responses to “Weekly Winners {The Flare Edition}”
  1. 01.24.2010

    I love these!

  2. 01.24.2010


  3. 01.24.2010

    That last shot is gorgeous! They are all so filled with longing for spring, the splashes of sunlight is wonderful.

  4. 01.24.2010

    I love the last shot. But, the first one makes me wish for cream cheese.

  5. 01.24.2010

    i absolutely love that last shot. and i love the look on his face in the second. priceless.

  6. 01.24.2010

    I love the happy face in the third picture Mishi!

  7. 01.24.2010

    What a beautiful set of pictures ! I love the last one best.

  8. 01.24.2010

    so clear and pretty, love the last one

  9. 01.24.2010

    These are so beautiful! I love the one of the tree!

  10. 01.24.2010

    That last shot is brilliant!

  11. 01.24.2010

    Wonderful flare. The tree flare was my favorite.

  12. 01.24.2010

    I love sunflare! My favorite are the Davey pics!

  13. 01.24.2010

    A-Maaaazing. I LOVE the last shot.

  14. 01.25.2010

    love the tree photo!

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