Weekly Winners {The Inanimate Edition}

Stake Your Claim

Funfetti w/ M&M middle layer


No Butts About It

Building Up

This Shit is Bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

{Go to Lotus’ Blog for More Winners}

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24 Responses to “Weekly Winners {The Inanimate Edition}”
  1. 09.19.2009

    I love the ant hill, and the bread looks good enough to lick my screen. Beautful… all!

  2. 09.20.2009

    I love the last one and the first one!

  3. 09.20.2009

    The cake is my favorite. It’s so lovely in the glass cover that I don’t know if I could bring myself to eat it. I’ve always wanted one of those dishes, but they’re pretty hard to find once you’re actually looking for one! =)

  4. 09.20.2009

    The anthill is 3D!!!! So cool, love it :)

  5. Ooh..bread looks yummy. =) Great set this week!

  6. You are so talented you can make a block of wood and a burnt out cigarette look artistic. Like wow!

  7. 09.20.2009

    Wow. Your pictures are amazing. Now I want some bananna bread though. Is that bananna bread? If I can’t find bananna bread I would totally go for a piece of cake… : )

  8. 09.20.2009

    Love the look of that bread!! Stunning DoF in the photos

  9. 09.20.2009

    Deifinitely great depth of field on some of these shots and the bread has got my mouth watering.

  10. 09.20.2009

    Very hard to pick a favorite, as always. I love the cigarette, but the birthday cake under the glass cover is a little healthier! LOL!!!

  11. 09.20.2009

    Beautiful set. Love the focus on the 1st shot.

  12. 09.20.2009

    wow…just wow to the ant hill. love it!

  13. 09.20.2009

    The fire hydrant is my FAVE! Awesome set this week, my friend!

  14. 09.20.2009

    Now I want cake.

  15. 09.20.2009

    Good stuff, as usual :) The fire hydrant is my fave, though.

  16. 09.20.2009

    I love the hydrant! Good ones this week!

  17. 09.20.2009

    These pictures are just gorgeous. Wait… why I’m not surprised? :-)

    Excellent set, Mishelle. I hope you have a great week!

    Here is my post, I hope you have a great week!

  18. 09.20.2009

    Love the ant hill!

  19. 09.22.2009

    I’ve lost track of you and just rediscovered you. How great. I used to be Value wIT and knew you from that one social networking site whose name I can’t remember. Glad to have found you again!

    P.S. I like the anthill (and the shack from down on another post)

  20. 09.23.2009

    I have no favorites. I love them ALL. And I saw and commented on your post at ‘Aiming Low’.

  21. 09.27.2009

    These are just awesome! I have a cake stand like that. And is that a fire ant hole I see?

  22. 10.11.2009

    Oh! My… fabulous, babe. Truly.

  23. Not bad. Nice semi macro snaps there.

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