Weekly Winners {the love edition}

Love of life

Shotgun Shells Stocked

Sweet Lil' Boy

Benny Big Eyes

Portrait of an Adolescent


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17 Responses to “Weekly Winners {the love edition}”
  1. 11.29.2009

    Oh MIshi… you made my heart swell. Your children are amazing.

  2. 11.29.2009

    How do you manage to outdo yourself yet again? Each of those photos is totally frame-worthy! Where do you keep them all?! I love your choice of black and white, despite the beautiful fall colors. It really focuses on the faces so much more. =)

  3. 11.29.2009

    The picture of your daughter is stunning. What a beauty!

  4. 11.29.2009

    Beautiful children and shots as always.

  5. Great theme! I LOVE all of them!

  6. 11.29.2009

    OMG Mish!! That second one is simple perfect! Not that I don’t love them all, but that one just rocks!!

  7. 11.29.2009

    Oh how very cool is that last shot… but OMG the second shot is AWESOME! Hope you’re framing it

  8. great shots! Looks like you nailed the kids photo!

  9. 11.29.2009


  10. 11.29.2009

    oh honey. look what you have done!

    beautiful. absolutely beautiful.

  11. Beautiful photos! I love the black and whites!

    I have also been enjoying your posts about Anissa and was so glad to read an encouraging post about her today at her site.

  12. 11.30.2009

    Wow. What a talent.

    I just love the second picture. She looks just gorgeous!

  13. 11.30.2009

    Beautiful shots! Beautiful children. LOVE the black and white.

  14. 11.30.2009

    These are fabulous. Love the heart leaf.

  15. 11.30.2009

    What total love! Gorgeous shots of gorgeous kids.

  16. 11.30.2009

    Just beautiful. LOVE the light in that second shot!

  17. 12.01.2009

    I love your photos! They create a mood immediately. Fall, winter beauties. Love sepia and black & white and the large format.
    ~ Marilyn The Artful Hawaiigirl

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