Weekly Winners {The No-People Edition}

Beautiful Weeds

Let's Take a Ride

Kids Wanted McDonald's {so they pooled their monies}


Grapes & Peaches


Day 29 | The Fox Blocks


{Go see beautiful Lotus at iamlot.us for more Winner!}

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21 Responses to “Weekly Winners {The No-People Edition}”
  1. 01.31.2010

    Gosh, you have such an eye… such beautiful photos! My favorites are the magnifying glasses and the antique letter blocks. =)

  2. 01.31.2010

    Beautiful photos. My favorite was the beautiful weeds.

  3. 01.31.2010

    This whole collection has almost a vintage feel to them. I think they’re spectacular.

  4. Lovely set! That first shot takes my breath away!

  5. 01.31.2010

    definitely winners. lovely.

  6. 01.31.2010

    All winners! I really like the bike and the chain… wonderful perspective.

  7. 01.31.2010

    These are just gorgeous! I love see and take a ride

  8. 01.31.2010

    dang, these are good! my faves are also the bike and chain.

  9. 01.31.2010

    Gorj! love them all

  10. 01.31.2010

    OMW I LOVE the bicycle shot!! Stunning this week, you’ve outdone yourself!

  11. 01.31.2010

    Seriously, SERIOUSLY amazing. Wow!

  12. 01.31.2010

    I LOVE the first two especially. I would buy that first one – it is so perfect.

  13. 01.31.2010

    Beautiful. I love people too but somehow inanimate objects can be so peaceful.

  14. 01.31.2010

    My work is always available in print.

  15. 01.31.2010

    What an amazing set of photos. Not a bad one in the bunch. Awesome!

  16. 01.31.2010

    Those magnifying glasses are gorgeous!

  17. 02.01.2010

    Okay, every time I thought I had a favorite, the next photo would knock my socks off. Good thing I’m wearing multiple pairs of socks tonight. LOL! But, seriously, WOW! Love the chain, bike and magnifying glasses as my top picks. ALL are amazing though.

  18. How on earth do you seen to make every single thing seem so very important? You aim your camera at it….and suddenly….it matters.

  19. I love that first shot. Gorgeous. They are all beautiful, but that first shot is my favorite.

  20. 02.07.2010

    Very nice. I love the lighting.

  21. 03.09.2010

    Old bikes and vintage blocks… glorious, woman! Good stuff!!

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