Weekly Winners {The Non-Lane Edition}

On “The Long Way”

“What Does It Mean?”


Pasha and Daxton are AMAZING!

Dogs are Kids To Us, Too

Think Out of the Spice Can

A Wreath For Gunners


Whith a Banjo on My Knee

Lola The Oldest


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10 Responses to “Weekly Winners {The Non-Lane Edition}”
  1. 06.18.2011

    The pup portraits are wonderful. Is as if they were posing for you, such great faces.

  2. 06.19.2011

    I love the rainbow. They never look a spectacular in a photo as they do in real life, and you captured them beautifully!

  3. 06.19.2011

    Mishi seeing all the photos of your dogs makes me miss mine so much. I can’t wait until we can have a puppy (or two) again some day.

  4. 06.19.2011

    those doggies!!!

  5. 06.19.2011

    Love the imagination sign.
    And the rest of the shots :)

  6. 06.19.2011

    love the doggies!! So adorable, all of them!! Loving the imagination shot too…I just love that quote.

  7. 06.19.2011

    LOL! Love a wreath for gunners!

  8. 06.19.2011

    I liked the “Long Way Home” shot :) Thanks for sharing!

  9. 06.19.2011

    Love that saying!
    that first photo is awesome

  10. 06.20.2011

    “What does it mean?” Will never not make me snarf.

    I love all of these! The first one is timeless. You with the pups. The wreath for gunners. Imagination. Ahhhh… love.

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