Weekly Winners {The Shrimp Po’boy Edition}

These Shrimp Po’boys were prepared for us by Michael, though I did peel all the shrimp.

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21 Responses to “Weekly Winners {The Shrimp Po’boy Edition}”
  1. 07.10.2010

    My stomach just growled… that looks delicious!

  2. 07.10.2010

    Dinner tonight was very, very, very DELICIOUS!

  3. I would please to be liking Patrick to make them for me.

    What sauce did you put on it? TELL ME you had sauce.

  4. 07.10.2010

    Michael made these for us!!


    Shrimp (breaded and fried)
    French bread (we put it in oven to crisp up)
    Shredded Lettuce
    Sliced Tomato
    Crystal Hot Sauce (plentifully)

    You can also put sliced dill pickle. You’re call.

  5. 07.10.2010

    GAH! Why didn’t you call?

    Also, you should go to the David Gray/Ray LaMontange concert in Atlanta on Aug 23 because I want to go. I love those guys. Ray’s voice is so magical, especially in person, just pure beauty and musical artistry. I love Ray. I really like David too, never seen him live though.

  6. 07.10.2010

    Oh Gosh, I really need to be affiliated with some press to get passes. I’m trying to get DMB press passes. This one would be just as cool. Love David Gray AND Ray LaMontange. Man, why can’t we just be independently wealthy!??!

  7. oh yum! my mouth is watering now!

  8. vodkamom

    Those shots made my mouth water!!! Incredible.

  9. 07.11.2010

    Oh that looks so delicious!

  10. 07.11.2010

    I just opened the fridge and saw the leftover shrimp, and thought, hmmmm I could make that for breakfast, right?

  11. 07.11.2010

    Okay, that was not a nice thing to see before I’ve eaten anything. Now I’m STARVING!!! The photos are great…I love the one of the fried shrimp on the paper towel…just makes me want to pick one up and gobble it down.

  12. SO, would it be wrong to lick my screen?
    YUM. I love the shrimp on the towel!!

  13. 07.11.2010

    Ooh yum!

  14. 07.11.2010

    Yummo! I need a deep fryer. Love me some fried shrimp!

  15. 07.11.2010

    That looks amazing. And now I’m hungry :)

  16. 07.11.2010

    Okay. HUNGRY NOW!

    Great shots… love the DOF choice on that first shot.

  17. 07.11.2010

    Hey if you did all the peeling I think you did half the work! They sure do look good.

  18. 07.11.2010

    Awesome shots!!!!

  19. 07.11.2010


  20. 07.11.2010

    I’m glad I have food heading my way, because that just made me hungry. YUM!

  21. 07.18.2010

    Oh lord, those look glorious…

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