Weekly Winners {The Snow-My-Gosh Edition}

A New Meaning: Cold Feet

“And so The Snow Queen also became a story about the need to seek equilibrium, in our own lives, with the natural world, even within the universe at large.”

—Joan D. Vinge

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21 Responses to “Weekly Winners {The Snow-My-Gosh Edition}”
  1. Brrr! That must have been cold on the feet! Love the doggy scarf! =) Great set!

  2. 01.16.2011

    Rosey cheeks for everyone! Love the pup in the doggy scarf. My dog was NOT having the snow this week. Lovely set!

  3. 01.16.2011

    bbbrrrr frozen toes :) Looks like a relief from the heat we have here!

    LOVE the pup in a scarf!

  4. 01.16.2011

    That looks sooo cold. Bare feet?! Snow-My-Gosh is right!

  5. 01.16.2011

    YAY for snow!! I’m sure it was so thrilling for you and yours!!! Glad you could enjoy it…

  6. 01.16.2011

    Awww … I love the doggy with his scarf.

  7. 01.16.2011

    Love the feet in the snow! and love the fence posts.. I am a sucker for anything straight in a line!

  8. 01.16.2011

    I love the doggie picture. So cute! And the one of your husband – was the wind blowing? I love how the hat flaps are blowing up!
    I can’t believe you stood in the snow for a picture. That’s dedication. (or insanity. But I think Dedication sounds nicer! :-)

  9. 01.16.2011

    Oh lordie, that looks cold!!

  10. 01.16.2011

    I’m sooo hoping there’s snow in Nashville, just so that I can SEE some!

    I love these — the pink cheeks and the crystals of ice <3 love.

  11. 01.16.2011

    My toes are cold just thinking about stepping barefoot into snow.

  12. 01.16.2011

    brrr. barefeet in the snow make me shiver! i love that you put a scarf on the doggie. and my faves are the first and third shot — you have such an amazing eye.

  13. 01.16.2011

    I know it was cold, but the barefeet in the snow? Fabulous image. And the window shot? LOVE LOVE LOVE that!

  14. 01.16.2011

    love the shot of the window and your feet in the snow, ha!

  15. Pink cheeks and chilly toes!

  16. 01.16.2011

    I love all of these, but my favorite is the fence! GORGEOUS!

  17. Gorgeous!

  18. Terrie

    ah! cold toes! i love the fence.

  19. These are great! I love the DOF in the first one and yes, BRRR on the barefoot one!

  20. Heathersaurus Rex

    Summer in the winter…such an oxymoron and so perfect! These are fantastic Mishelle!

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