Weekly Winners {The Week That Whizzed By Edition}


Reflection, BabyDavid Lane Will Make You Jump, Jump


Bread Art Project
Bread Art ProjectBread Art Project

Dirty Feet

Squirmy Worms & Silly Bandz

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13 Responses to “Weekly Winners {The Week That Whizzed By Edition}”
  1. 06.13.2010

    may be weird but the worm is my fave!

  2. 06.13.2010

    I love the three biggest ones (the cloudy road, the flowers and the earthworm)! Was that Livey’s hand? I see some Silly Bands!

  3. 06.13.2010

    I love the first! So ethereal. =)

  4. 06.13.2010

    That first shot? Wow… stunning.

  5. 06.13.2010

    I love how you laid out the shots!! GORGEOUS!!
    I love the color of paint on the toes!

  6. 06.13.2010

    that first shot is magical! and i love the simplicity of inspire

  7. 06.13.2010

    i super-duper love the first one.

  8. 06.14.2010

    This is my favorite weekly winners yet!!
    Those daisies are fantastic! And the worm! And the fog! And the bracelet! Oh, I can’t pick!!!!!!!

  9. 06.14.2010

    LOVE the mistiness of that first shot.

  10. 06.15.2010

    That first shot is stunning. I love the way your presented your photos. Impressive

  11. 06.15.2010

    Love the daisy shot

  12. 06.15.2010

    That flower shot is amazing!!!!! But……really, I love them all!

  13. 06.17.2010

    love love love!

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