Weekly Winners {The Worldwide Photowalk Edition}

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20 Responses to “Weekly Winners {The Worldwide Photowalk Edition}”
  1. 07.25.2010

    These shots are AMAZING!!
    We had a photowalk here but I wasn’t able to go. :(

  2. 07.25.2010

    Love all the fountain shots… really, anything to do with water in the summer! =)

  3. 07.25.2010

    Incredible as always!

  4. 07.25.2010

    LOVE, Love, love these… I love seeing the world through your eyes. It is always so magical.

  5. 07.25.2010

    you have such an amazing eye for the little things. great job!

  6. 07.25.2010

    Oh awesome!! What stunning images! I was hoping to fit the local photowalk in yesterday morning… but couldn’t in the end.

  7. 07.25.2010

    lush and gorgeous.

  8. 07.25.2010

    Such a Super Set! I love, love that Sun Flare. I had a great time at the photowalk and so glad to see you and some of our Oakland Group again!

  9. 07.25.2010

    I spy with my little eye… fleur de lis.

    :) Gorgeous set.

  10. 07.25.2010

    Wonderful and diverse shots. I love the girl hugging the pregnant belly.

  11. 07.26.2010

    The pregnant lady and the girl is my favorite one too, the black and white makes it pop out! You’re so clever!

  12. 07.26.2010

    I’m loving the shot of the pregnant lady as well.

  13. 07.26.2010

    What an awesome set!! You have a fantastic perspective and approach to photography.

  14. 07.26.2010

    Oh wow these are amazing. No photo walks out here in the country for me so I made my own

  15. 07.26.2010

    These are all amazing. I have this fire hydrants project that I have been severely neglecting. That first picture was right up my alley, though :)

  16. 07.26.2010

    i’m in love with this set. in part because i’m missing having a farmer’s market nearby but mostly because these shots — all of them — are stunning. i love the tomatoes in the basket — very interesting choice of focus — totally works.

    and can i please have that adorable maternity dress?

  17. These photos are amazing! Professional photo catcher ;)

  18. I LOVE the world through your eyes. LOVE.

  19. Love these photos and one week…SQUEE!!

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