Weekly Winners XXXIV

Today is Benjamin’s birthday!
He is EIGHT.  Where has the time gone?
HAPPY BIRTHDAY little big boy!

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41 Responses to “Weekly Winners XXXIV”
  1. I think I like the toy with the gears and the pink rose the best. They are all great as usual though.

    Karen of the MomDot Street Team

  2. 09.14.2008

    Happy birthday to Benjamin!
    Love the cap shots

  3. 09.14.2008

    Love all of these, but the hat has to be the cutest set. I look forward to your shots every week. You never disappoint.

  4. I love the “abstract”ish shot of the flower vase. Yay!

  5. 09.14.2008

    Wonderful wonderful shots Mishi.. The fake finger just cracked me up.. hehehehe.. The dreamlike roses are gorgeous,,, xxx Kim

  6. Happy birthday Benjamin…why do they grow so fast?

    Love the pictures this week. The toy one is really, really cool. I can see it on a nursery wall somewhere….I am going to email you this week!

    Talk to you soon.

  7. 09.14.2008

    Lovely photos! I really like the vase and the close ups of the flowers

  8. 09.14.2008

    Happy Birthday Ben!!! Davey with the hat on is too cute!! My fav. is probably the ring..so simple yet so telling!

  9. 09.14.2008

    Great pictures, Mishelle! That was a fantastic ‘winners’ post.

    Here‘s mine. Have a great week!

  10. 09.14.2008

    All lovely but the caps are my favourite!

  11. 09.14.2008

    oh wow! love the rose shots and the pictures of the kids are fantastic too…you just overall rock!

  12. 09.14.2008

    Awesome winners Mishi! ♥ them all & Happy B-Day to Benjamin :)

  13. 09.14.2008

    I love the birthday collage, that is a great idea!
    Happy Birthday Benjamin!!

  14. 09.14.2008

    Nice pictures and happy birthday to Benjamin ! yes time flies by so quickly when I think that my son is 35 now ! doesn’t make me younger, lol !

  15. 09.14.2008

    Great set! Happy Birthday ~ time flies way to fast.

  16. 09.14.2008

    I love the ring shot and the one of the rose “hairs!” HA!

    Happy birthday to your little man. I have a Benjamin too! : )

  17. Is it bad that the rose pic made me think dirty thoughts?

    I think I needs lovins.

  18. 09.14.2008

    Stunning…I don’t know why but the stem of the flower was my favorite!

  19. 09.14.2008

    Your macro shots are beautiful. You have some fantastic talent. Happy birthday to Benjamin!

  20. 09.14.2008

    Hope Benjamin has a great birthday!

    Great photos. My favorite is the ‘Saints Fan’ series!

  21. 09.14.2008

    Happy birthday to Benjamin! All of these shots are fantastic (as usual!) – I think #4 and #9 are my favourites.

  22. 09.14.2008

    I think I like the toy shot the best.

    Happy Birthday Benjamin!

  23. Happy birthday Benjamin. All the shot are great. I think the series of the boy in the hat are my favorites.

  24. 09.14.2008

    Good idea with caps! Also I like back-and-white pictures:)

  25. 09.14.2008

    Happy Birthday Benjamin!

  26. That ring looks so lonely by itself!

    And the little boy in the big hat? Precious!

  27. 09.14.2008

    Happy birthday to your big little guy! Happy birthing day to you too.
    These photos are magnificent.

  28. 09.14.2008

    Happy Birthday to Benjamin! Hope it’s a great one!

  29. 09.14.2008

    Great storyboards and macros, love the soccer shots!! :)

  30. 09.14.2008

    The Rose ..but all of them are fabulous

    My WW is up My Little Drummer Boys

  31. 09.14.2008

    Great shots! My favorite is the hat pic.

  32. 09.14.2008

    happy birthday, big boy!

    the solitary ring shot is very touching… love it.

  33. 09.14.2008

    Great shots. I especially love the backlit shot.

  34. 09.14.2008

    happy birthday to benjamin! My favorite picture is the rose.

  35. 09.15.2008

    First of all…happy birthday to Benjamin!! :) I love all your pictures too…those hat pictures are too cute!

  36. 09.15.2008

    Once again, beautiful pictures! Love the first ones of Benjamin- awesome!

  37. 09.15.2008

    Once again, beautiful pictures! Love the first ones of Benjamin- awesome! Happy Birthday, B!

  38. 09.15.2008

    Just simply great photos! Love that outdoor shot with the kid drinking water…
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  39. 09.15.2008

    Love the Birthday set!! Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!!!

    Love them all though Mish!!

  40. 09.15.2008

    Beautiful photos! I like the blurry one best but I also love the Greeblepix set.

  41. 09.15.2008

    Happy belated b-day to Benjamin!

    I love the close ups of the roses – they are so romantic!

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