Weekly Winners XXXXXIV

Camera Used: Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi
Lens Used: 50mm f/1.4

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30 Responses to “Weekly Winners XXXXXIV”
  1. 11.23.2008

    Stunning shots, I love the DOF in them.
    And that necklace is gorge!

  2. 11.23.2008

    Okay. I just don’t know what to say anymore.
    You have the ability to make the ordinary extraordinary!

    tiff’s last blog post..Weekly Winners – Morning fairies and other stuff.

  3. 11.23.2008

    Every week coming here is one of my favorite stops. Frosted is just so cool. Also loving the $1 necklace the frog friend and the shoes over the line. And really all of them. Because they are always all fabulous. This week, too.

    Maggie’s Mind’s last blog post..Weekly Winners 11/23/08

  4. 11.23.2008

    These are beautiful! I love the first one and the frog one

    Stacey’s last blog post..8 more days of NaBloPoMo

  5. 11.23.2008

    The frost shot is great…makes me cold but great none the less :)

    Lisa’s last blog post..Photo Hunt

  6. 11.23.2008

    as always – incredible!

  7. Wow. Tough for me to narrow it down; my faves are 4 and 5. stunning.

    Half-Past Kissin’ Time’s last blog post..Honestly?

  8. I’m completely out of words to describe your photos. I’ll be back after I check Thesaurus.com.

    I’m back…

    You have prodigious talent.

    Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing]’s last blog post..Weekly Winners 11.16 – 11.22

  9. 11.23.2008

    Great pics as always, Mishi! My faves this week are canvas in the sky & love in the leaves. Happy Thanksgiving :)

    connie’s last blog post..Weekly Winners=Nov. 16-22 2008

  10. 11.23.2008

    The last one if my favorite. I covet that one.

  11. 11.23.2008

    Your pictures of all things nature are so fabulous. You make leaves look like art. I am in awe once again. : ) Have a great week!

    Elaine’s last blog post..Oh Look! I Scrapbooked!

  12. 11.23.2008

    love em all, but i always wonder why there are shoes hanging from power lines…seems stupid….

    janelle’s last blog post..It’s Saturday

  13. 11.23.2008

    Shoes on a telephone wire: great photo but I hate seeing them in real life.

    orlund’s last blog post..Friday’s Photo: Bath Time Fun

  14. Love them all. My favorite was the necklace. Love the focal point.

    Vicky (Secret Mom Thoughts)’s last blog post..Weekly Winners

  15. 11.23.2008

    I agree, they are all stunning, but the necklace photo is exquisitely beautiful.

    Brigid’s last blog post..CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?

  16. 11.23.2008

    Love the one of the shoes…haha! That is too funny!

  17. 11.23.2008

    I love the last two, and the necklace shot. Very nice job showing bokeh this week!

    Corina’s last blog post..Reflections and New Beginnings – Weekly Winners 11/16-11/22

  18. 11.23.2008

    Great shots. I love the frost one, and all the cool depth of field shots. Awesome, all.

    julie’s last blog post..Weekly Winners

  19. 11.23.2008

    I also love the DOF in your images. Great set (again!), always interesting, always beautiful and always such a variety!

    Karin’s last blog post..Weekly Winners: 16 – 22 November

  20. 11.23.2008

    Love the first one of the frost – it’s such the perfect look at ‘almost’ winter!

    Annie’s last blog post..Weekly Winners, 11/23/08

  21. Love your set of photos as always, Mishelle – the frost is probably my favorite.

    Colleen – Mommy Always Wins’s last blog post..Weekly Winners – November 16 – 22, 2008

  22. You rock! My fav this week is the frog necklace with the angle. Nice!

    Cassandra {Simply Fearless}’s last blog post..Weekly Winners: Sometimes

  23. 11.23.2008

    Such pretty shots this week, Mishelle, just beautiful.

  24. 11.23.2008

    I just love the one of the leaves… beautiful texture!

    Dory’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday #8

  25. 11.23.2008

    beautiful, as usual, but i’m TOTALLY digging your $1 necklace!!!!!!!!

    the planet of janet’s last blog post..Birthday dinner: more fun than a barrel of monkeys

  26. 11.23.2008

    Frost on the grass — not here, ours is still green. Hubby had to mow yesterday.

    The bird’s nest in bare trees — the world exposed.

    So the kids throw tennie shoes over the highline wires there too. Stupid kids!

    Nice set of photos.

    Patsy’s last blog post..Day 23 Huge Success and Unconscious Mutterings

  27. 11.23.2008

    I love, love, love “Love in the Leaves!” So light and bright. Also loving “Early Morning Crisp” and “Retro Vision.” Great shots!

    merrymishaps’s last blog post..dead flowers, crunchy leaves and autumn skies

  28. 11.24.2008

    There all beaufiful shot but the first sky pics is my favorite.

    Lisa Ann’s last blog post..Weekly Winners

  29. 11.24.2008

    my favorites this week is #4 (great DoF) and the shoes hanging on the line (great composition). Always a winner Mishi!

    AnnD’s last blog post..Weekly Winners!

  30. 11.24.2008

    That first shot is just breath taking.. wow.

    ps.. thanks again for the tips with the 50mm.. love it.

    Kim’s last blog post..Where is the bubble wrap?

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