Weekly Winners {Ze Kidz Edition}

Mikey Strang-O

Her Bubble

Sweet Cheeks

Benny Against the City

Ze Boy iz ze CHERUB

Dogz Iz Kidz, Too!

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26 Responses to “Weekly Winners {Ze Kidz Edition}”
  1. 08.22.2009

    Ze Kidz are Zeh Awesome.

  2. 08.22.2009

    And Ze Mama…she lovez ze Busy Dad!

  3. 08.23.2009

    Beautiful photos, as always Mishelle!

  4. 08.23.2009

    You have the most incredible gift because I can see the personalities in each photo, and that my friend, is awesome.

  5. 08.23.2009

    I agree with Heather, you captured their personalities so well!! Beautiful!!!!

  6. 08.23.2009

    Wow, what great shots. This is a really fun set. I like people studies.

  7. 08.23.2009

    Love the portraits. Sweet cheeks is my favorite.

  8. 08.23.2009

    Love the first shot, was he really mad? Doughnuts and Dinos is so precious.

  9. 08.23.2009

    Not mad, just goofy!

  10. 08.23.2009

    Great series! Nothing better than kiddos for subjects!

  11. I love the bubble photo, but my fave is Doughnuts and Dinos. ADORABLE!

  12. 08.23.2009

    I love the perspective on the bubble shot!

  13. 08.23.2009

    Awesome. I love the last three best, but especially the blue on blue. I wonder what your pup was thinking; he seems so serious.

  14. 08.23.2009

    Very nice selection of photos ! I love the dog picture, it’s so expressive !

  15. 08.23.2009

    Wonderful photos! I love the angles. My favorites are the bubble and dinosaurs & donuts

  16. 08.23.2009

    Absolutely beautiful! I love the bubble photo.

  17. 08.23.2009

    The bubble shot is by far my favorite. Excellent clarity, color, composition, and DoF!

  18. 08.23.2009

    Gorgeous photos, I especially adore the bubble one! My kids are my favorite subjects. :)

  19. 08.23.2009

    Love love love the last two! The expression on little guy’s face is precious! (You could just eat him up!!!) Pretty dog, but maybe almost too contemplative… wonder what mischief will come from it! Thanks so much for visiting me. =)

  20. Love how the dog is included in the Kids Edition!! Love the 2 floor ones. My kids love laying on the floors! Is there something comforting about it that I don’t know about? Maybe I will go try it out!

  21. 08.23.2009

    I love the Ze Kids Edition – I am going to take some photos of my kids too today. I am learning from you! As usual, these shots are beautiful!

  22. 08.23.2009

    Gorgeous photos! Love the bubble!

  23. 08.23.2009

    Sweet ones!!!!!!!! (That doggie has the loveliest brown eyes.)

  24. 08.24.2009

    LOVE these shots! Precisely the reason I tagged you this morning for a photo meme. Come check it out, OK?

  25. Elizabeth

    Fabulous! Love the pictures of Benny!

  26. 08.26.2009

    wow, you are really gifted. the photos are simply marvelous especially the bubble shot. good take.

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